One hundred of the most hard-core “24” fans entered a glass 60-by-40 ft. home-theater-in-a-box on Dec. 2 with the intention of watching every episode of the series, back-to-back, for a shot at $10,000. When the clock finally ran out four days later, three superfans were left and – according to the event’s Facebook page – each will be awarded the grand prize. They also set a new Guinness World Record for consecutive hours of TV viewing (the record was formerly held by Efraïm van Oeveren (Netherlands) at 86 hours).

Guinness rules reportedly allow for a five-minute break for every hour of viewing (but no sleeping). The Hard Rock Café also provided three meals per day. The marathon took place in Hollywood, and it kicked off with appearances from several of the series’ stars – including Carlos Bernard, Gregory Itzen and Carlo Rota.

“24” star Kiefer Sutherland also sent a recorded message to participants, in which he stated: “Now I understand that the Guinness World Record is 84 hours. And if there’s one group of people I know that can break that, it is you, the “24” fans, and you’ve proven yourselves to be that.”

The event preceded the Dec. 14 release of the “24” complete series DVD box set, and it benefited My Hope for Children, an organization that provides medical assistance and promotes wellness for children.

What’s the longest you’ve watched TV? Ever finish a season – or series – in one sitting?