Set three years after the events of 24: Live Another Day, the most recent installment of the 24 franchise, star Corey Hawkins is a former Army Ranger, Eric Carter, whose old unit is being hunted and killed by terrorists – and he needs the assistance of CTU to put an end to it.   Staying (mostly) true to the real-time storytelling device, 24: Legacy is only 12 hours but doubles down on heroes – both new and old –  including CTU National Director Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto) and former CTU-agent-turned-mercenary Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard). As the next incarnation of 24 is being devised, VIP Fan Auctions is offering screen-used props and wardrobe from 24: Legacy – including Carter’s leather jacket (pictured), shirt and Ralph Lauren sweatshirt; Ingram’s Congressional Gold Medal; and even a pair of shirts, pants and belt worn onscreen by 24 legend Almeida. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of 24: Legacy. Click here to see all of the available wardrobe and props – and join the bidding today. The clock is ticking!