In the second installment of SGU prop master Kenny Gibbs’ exclusive interview with VIP Fan Auctions, he talks troublesome props, the weapons he never created and the best thing about working in the Universe.

VIP: What is the most memorable prop malfunction?
Gibbs: Prop malfunctions, huh? One word: Armband. Check out season four in the early episodes – a present from the Tok’ra that I wish never came through the Gate.

VIP: Were there specific props that translated much better or worse when going from concept to on screen?
Gibbs: Always. Most of the time I’ve been fortunate to work with world class model builders led by a gentleman named Gordon Bellamy. It’s always fun creating props that light up and go. Those are the best to watch on screen.

VIP: Is there a prop that you wish you could have created for SGU?
Gibbs: I had ideas brewing with Stargate’s production designer (James Robbins) about weapons we were hoping to find on the Destiny. We’re keeping those ideas under wraps for now.

VIP: What is the best thing about your career on Stargate?
Gibbs: The experience is one I will never forget. I spent over a decade of my film career working on a show that made the fans happy, and working with actors and crew members that will remain a part of my life forever. That’s quite a thing to realize after it was all finally over.

VIP: Any words of wisdom for aspiring prop masters?
Gibbs: I don’t know if this is wisdom but the most important thing I believe is have fun doing whatever you do. Always remember there are others lining up to do the same job so you should always try to raise the bar higher with every prop you make.

VIP: Any parting words for Stargate fans?
Gibbs: Thanks for the years of support and loyalty. I’m sorry it had to end but eventually, everything does.

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