When it comes to sword fights, there’s nothing quite as intimidating as when your opponent reaches back and pulls out not one – but two – swords strapped to his or her back. In Da Vinci’s Demons, that’s how Duke Alfonso (Kieran Bew) met his enemies – and VIP Fan Auctions is now offering fans the double set of swords, back holster and holster vest the Duke used on-screen during multiple episodes of the second and third seasons. Each sword is roughly 32-inches long – one is wooden, the other is metal. Click here to see photos of each piece and for more information – and get in on the bidding today!




When you’re one of the wealthiest, most powerful and influential men in Europe, the tunic you wear must exude a sense of dignity and gravitas. It should also look sharp, of course, and the custom-designed red-and-gold tunic worn on-screen in Da Vinci’s Demons by Lorenzo de’ Medici (Elliot Cowan) is the height of Renaissance fashion! Made of silk and velvet, de’ Medici’s tunic is now available at VIP Fan Auctions for the Da Vinci’s Demons fan who casts the winning bid – and can rock a tunic with gravitas! Click here for photos and more information – and get in on the bidding for this stunning piece of wardrobe today! This auction is ending soon!




The spring-loaded Derringer rig is one of the all-time greatest moves in any pop-culture gunfight scene, and VIP Fan Auctions is giving fans an opportunity to add the gun-sliding-out-of-the-sleeve trick to their own repertoire (for entertainment purposes only, please). VIP is offering the Derringer rig used on-screen by assassin Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine, pictured above) from the hospital ambush of Otto Gerhardt. The device includes a leather arm holster, prop pistol and retractable pipe device to slide the gun in and out of your sleeve. Click here for photos and more details about his unique Fargo prop – and get in on the bidding today! Okay then….




The quill of Leonardo da Vinci helped revolutionize art and science. Whether carefully sketching plans for groundbreaking marvels of Renaissance engineering or painstakingly drafting his iconic Vitruvian Man, a pen in the hand of da Vinci was truly mightier than any sword. VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans of Da Vinci’s Demons the opportunity to own a set of Leonardo’s (Tom Riley) screen-used quills (2), pencils (2) and notebook (burnt) featured in multiple episodes. Click here for photos of these distinctive props and get in on the Da Vinci’s Demons bidding today!




Lorenzo de’ Medici was one of the most powerful men of the Renaissance era – he was a statesman, reluctant ruler of the Florentine republic and perhaps the most influential patron of the arts in world history. Played by Elliot Cowan in Da Vinci’s Demons, de’ Medici’s armor – his custom-made chest plate, back plate and doublet (pictured above, but stained with stage blood) worn on-screen in the third-season episode “Abbadon” is now available at VIP Fan Auctions to the fan who casts the winning bid. Claim your distinctive piece of Renaissance nobility by clicking here to place a bid, get more information and see photos of each piece of this amazing Da Vinci’s Demons wardrobe!




The war between the Kansas City mob and the Gerhardt family can be traced to one literally shocking encounter in a Fargo doughnut shop. Hot-headed Dodd Gerhardt (Jeffrey Donovan) greeted a pair of Kansas City thugs with a cattle prod (before ordering an Old Fashioned for his nephew), casting serious doubt in the mind of well-dressed mobster Joe Bulo (Brad Garrett) regarding the viability of a peaceful partnership between the family-owned and corporate crime operations. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering this pivotal prop cattle prod – as well as Bulo’s three-piece suit worn during the doomed negotiations. Click here for photos and more information about these and all of the available props and wardrobe items straight from the set of the FX series Fargo!




Leonardo da Vinci is known for masterfully wielding a paintbrush, but watching the Renaissance Man paint masterworks on television wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining as seeing him engage in swordplay. Two of Da Vinci’s swords – a 25.5-in. metal short sword and a 35-in. silver-and-gold cosimo sword (with leather scabbard) each used in multiple episodes by Leonardo (Tom Riley) are currently available to the fans who cast the winning bids at VIP Fan Auctions. Don’t miss this opportunity to claim a blade of da Vinci straight from the set of the Starz series Da Vinci’s Demons.




The Ottoman Empire reached far and wide, and Leonardo da Vinci offered several innovations to the Senate of Venice to help defeat the empire’s hordes. This pivotal time was showcased in the third season of Da Vinci’s Demons and VIP Fan Auctions is offering some of the spoils of this war to fans of the series. Two truly dazzling three-piece sets of Ottoman hardware featured on-screen and currently available includes a metal trooper helmet with a chainmail facemask (pictured above), sword (with stage blood) and a dagger with scabbard (the second set does not include the scabbard), and another two-piece set featuring the trooper helmet and sword. For more information and photos of these and other props and wardrobe items featured on-screen in Da Vinci’s Demons, click here and claim your piece of the Ottoman Empire today!





Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world. Valued at $1 billion, the masterpiece is on permanent display at the Louvre museum in Paris – though it was stolen from that institution in 1911 and was not found until 1913 – further growing its legend. Though the Renaissance-era portrait was completed around 1503, da VInci reportedly continued to obsess over perfecting the position of the subject’s hands for another 10-20 years. One fan of Da Vinci’s Demons will be able to hang the piece of art – well, a production-used copy of it – on his or her own wall without traveling to France and attempting a heist by placing the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. This painted-for-TV Mona Lisa copy, featured throughout the second season of Da Vinci’s Demons, is the second of only two production-used versions from the Starz series. Click here for more information and to get in on the bidding today!




Along the way to becoming a wanted man, would-be typewriter financier Rye Gerhardt (Kieran Culkin) was frozen, stabbed, run over and blasted with bug spray – of course, no one is going to shed a tear over his troubles. As the search for the Gerhardt crime family’s ne’er-do-well baby boy continues, VIP Fan Auctions is offering a set of Rye Gerhardt Wanted posters, as well as his switchblade, steak knife and belt buckle – all featured on screen. Click here for more information and photos of each prop, and claim your piece of Fargo today!