Stahma Tarr is beautiful, ambitious, cunning and dangerous. Outwardly a dutiful Castithan wife and mother, simmering beneath the surface is a woman hungry for power and discontent with marrying beneath her station. Her bathing attire on Defiance, however, was unparalleled (pictured above). VIP Fan Auctions is currently offering her stunning silver two-piece bathing suit – custom designed from leather, metal and plastic – as well as her stylish slippers. These unmistakable pieces of wardrobe, worn on-screen by actress Jaime Murray, are truly fashion-forward and capture the essence of this dangerous alien beauty. Click here for photos, more information and to get in on the bidding for a piece of Defiance that would make a Victoria’s Secret model blush.




To the victor go the spoils, and Apollo Creed had a lot of very, very lucrative victories in his historic boxing career. One of the champ’s treasures is seen in his office in the hit film Creed – it is a famous boxing painting by New York artist George Bellows titled “Both Members of this Club,” which was painted in 1909 and debuted in 1910 – the same year the first African-American heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson (no doubt an inspiration to Apollo Creed, though the black fighter in the painting is believed to be longtime lightweight champion Joe Gans) fought Jim Jeffries in a racially charged event (Johnson won). The original hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., but the print of this painting (pictured above) that hung in Apollo’s mansion in the film is now being offered by VIP Fan Auctions to the Creed fan who can appreciate both the art and science of boxing. Click here for more information, including a photo of the painting in the film – and claim this artistic piece of Rocky and Creed history today! This auction – and all of the Creed auctions – end soon!




The Omec are a frightening species. Hailing from the planet Omec, these double-skinned, purple-hued aliens are known for eating their Votan slaves. While most of them were wiped out by their own creation, the Indogene, a few resurface in the mining town of Defiance, where their leader (until he was killed by another Omec) developed an affinity for humans and their ability to live in harmony. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the Omec Dos’s (Demore Barnes) authentic, screen-worn costume (see above) created by the Defiance wardrobe department, and it includes chest armor, skirt, belt, shoes, tights, pants, shirt, undershirt and gloves. Don’t miss your chance to claim this, or a number of other Defiance props and wardrobe items (click here), straight from the set of Syfy’s ambitious series that blended television, gaming and phenomenal storytelling. If nothing else, get in on the bidding for self-preservation. After all, if the Omec ever do reach Earth and invite you to a dinner party, this armor may be the difference between having a seat a the table or a place on the menu!




Creed has won raves for the performances of its stars, Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, as well as for offering a poignant, heartfelt and logical next step in the epic saga of Hollywood’s greatest heavyweight. With Adonis “Creed” Johnson, the son of Rocky Balboa’s greatest rival and friend, playing the underdog fighter suddenly thrust into the spotlight on boxing’s biggest stage, the movie recaptures what made the original Rocky so great. VIP Fan Auctions is adding to the experience by offering the fans who cast the winning bids several signature pieces of the film, including the iconic, star-spangled boxing trunks that Jordan wore on-screen as in the title bout. The site is also offering the satin Front Street Gym boxing jacket he wore into the ring – and even the red-white-and-blue Nike boxing boots and mouthpiece that Adonis wore in the ring (all wardrobe pictured above). To see all of the available Creed screen-used props and wardrobe items, click here and get in on the bidding before the final bell rings! The Creed auctions are ending soon!




The critically acclaimed film Creed is proving to be much more than simply the seventh installment in the Rocky saga. Sylvester Stallone’s performance alone has resulted in a Golden Globe award and Oscar nomination for the legendary actor in the role that launched his career into the stratosphere 40 years ago. It also breathed fresh life into Hollywood’s greatest underdog story with Stallone passing the torch to Michael B. Jordan, who plays the son of Rocky’s greatest rival, Apollo Creed. Even without its heavyweight pedigree, however, Creed would stand alone as a phenomenal showcase for the “sweet science” of boxing and a timeless story of beating the odds. And though the Italian Stallion’s boxing days are behind him, VIP Fan Auctions is now offering fans an opportunity to claim the satin “Front Street Gym” corner-man jacket that Rocky wore on-screen (pictured above) in the corner of Jordan’s Adonis “Creed” Johnson as his trainer, mentor, “uncle” and friend. Click here for photos of this piece of Hollywood’s greatest comeback – and to get in on the bidding today! The Creed auctions are ending soon.




Though Defiance may be over after three seasons, it will hold a permanent place in history as a truly ambitious, multi-platform project that intertwined the worlds of television and gaming as seven alien races battled for world domination on the Syfy network. Defiance brought to viewers a brave new world of advanced weaponry, spacecraft, exotic settings and aliens… a lot of aliens. With production of the series halted, however, VIP Fan Auctions is softening the sting by handing over the keys to the Kaziri spacecraft to viewers, literally, as part of a wide variety of screen-used Defiance props and wardrobe straight form the set. Click here to see all of the available Defiance items, which include the aforementioned – and truly stunning – Kaziri key (pictured above), as well as a Votech rifle (this auction is ending soon), cold-fire pistols, an amazing Spirit Rider costume, T’evgin’s omec stun rod and dagger – and much, much more. Visit the Defiance auction page to see everything now available and claim your piece of science-fiction history today!




The collection of skulls (pictured above) featured in Da Vinci’s Demons is as impressive as it is grim. Featured on-screen during the third season of the Starz series, various skulls are being made available to fans of the series at VIP Fan Auctions. Multiple sets are available, including two sets of four – each with three resin, one foam – created by the Da Vinci’s Demons props team. A third set of two resin skulls is also listed. For these and other Da Vinci’s Demons swords, spears and armor, click here and get in on the bidding today!




There was no hotter ticket in 2015 than the championship bout between British bad boy Pretty Ricky Conlan – his final fight before reporting to prison – and Adonis Johnson, the son of late heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Fans of the hit film Creed have an opportunity to gain all-access passes to the fight of the year, featured on-screen for the big fight from VIP Fan Auctions. As an added incentive, the auction also includes all-access passes to the Adonis Johnson fight with Leo “The Lion” Sporino as well as a VIP pass for the Conlan-Wheeler fight. Click here for photos and more information – and place your bid today!

VIP Fan Auctions is also offering all-access ringside passes to the fight of the century – the Jan. 1, 1976, championship match between Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa. The passes feature photos of both boxers. This auction also includes the cover of a Philadelphia Inquirer with the headline: “Apollo Creed Trains Former Rival” with a photo of Rocky and Apollo. Finally, several photos of Rocky are also included. Click here to the entire collection – and bid today!




Rocky Balboa is a vintage fighter. He shot to fame in a bicentennial match against Apollo Creed. He trained by eating raw eggs, wearing gray sweats and punching frozen sides of beef in the cooler at Shamrock Meats. He still reads newspapers and listens to vinyl records. Everything about Rocky (played by Sylvester Stallone) is old-school. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering an old-school fan a chance to claim Rocky’s Panasonic record player and Spinners album, both featured on-screen in his Philadelphia apartment in the hit film Creed. Click here for photos and more information about the album and record player – and claim your piece of Rocky history today!

To see all of the available Creed items currently available, click here!




With a nickname like “The Impaler,” it’s only fitting that Vlad Dracula (played by Paul Rhys) carries a spear with blades at each end for maximum skewering. The distinctive spear (pictured above) featured on-screen in the series finale of Da Vinci’s Demons, is now available at VIP Fan Auctions to the fan who casts the winning bid. This unique weapon – 72-inches long with a wooden staff and metal blades – is the only one of its kind that will be offered, so get in one the bidding today. Click here for photos and more information – and claim your piece of Dracula and Da Vinci history!