herclion Let’s face it – without videogames, social media, comic books, movies and television, there wasn’t a lot to do in ancient times other than to sit around listening to stories of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle or grabbing a blade and jumping into a battle. For those who prefer swordplay over philosophy, VIP Fan Auctions is offering a complete royal guard uniform from Cotys’ Army – as well as a tower shield featuring Cotys’ lion insignia, and a metal sword and shield boss featuring the lion insignia – all of which were featured on-screen in the feature film Hercules. Click here to see all of the available Hercules props and wardrobe items currently available, and place your bid today!…

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Automatic carbon-infused pistols. Tempered O-shield armor with self-healing functionality. Audio targeting and 360 infrasonic cameras. Microscopic solar O-cells. All of these features and more make Omnicorp’s EM-208 a miracle of modern engineering, designed to restore order and leave criminals quaking in their boots. Sure, sometimes a glitch with sort of firepower can be… problematic… but that isn’t stopping VIP Fan Auctions from making key components of an EM-208 featured on-screen in Robocop available to the fan who places the winning bid! The screen-used EM-208 head, legs and torso offers an up-close look at the detail the visual effects masterminds painstakingly created to bring these cyborgs to life.…

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In a world teeming with caped crusaders, super-, spider- and iron-men, Hercules may rank as the world’s first superhero. While guys like the Man of Steel and Captain America hit the scene in the 1940s, the son of Zeus’s legendary heroics played out 3,000 years earlier. And with the latest big-screen incarnation of Hercules played by one of the planet’s top action stars, Dwayne Johnson (who is rumored to be playing a major role in an upcoming Shazam movie), the character shows no signs of slowing down. Fans of the legendary strongman now have an opportunity to own his long-sword – which was wielded on-screen this summer by Dwayne Johnson.…

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Raising Hope patriarch Burt Chance (Garret Dillahunt) has a unique way of celebrating Arbor Day. Instead of planting trees, he uproots them, hangs gifts on them and, finally, burns them. It’s exactly the type of bizarre behavior synonymous with the Chance family – and now fans of Raising Hope have an opportunity to join in the festivities. VIP Fan Auctions is offering Burt’s screen-worn Arbor Day suit – leaf-and-vine-covered mask, shirt, pants, gloves and gillie suit (pictured above), which is the perfect combination for sneaking up on unsuspecting trees. Click here to see photos of and for more information on this unique piece of wardrobe, and join the bidding today!…

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Legend says Atalanta was raised by a bear after she was left, as an infant, on a mountaintop by her father to die. She grew up to become a fierce hunter – an expert archer – who eventually joined forces with a band of mercenaries led by the demigod Hercules (played by Dwayne Johnson) on the big screen. Atalanta, played by Norwegian beauty Ingrid Bolsø Berdal in the film, has handed over her bow, quiver and arrows to VIP Fan Auctions, which is now offering these amazing prop weapons to the fan who casts the winning bid. Created by the Hercules props department, the wooden bow measures 62-in., and comes with seven wooden arrows, a stunt quiver made of foam and a prop bow blade.…

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Chloe Grace Moretz is a young woman on the verge of a monster career. Now on the big screen as the star of If I Stay, a drama about an introverted high school girl who plays the cello and falls in love with a punk rocker. A tragic car accident sends her into a coma, and as she has an out-of-body experience decides whether she wants to wake up or let go. It’s another mesmerizing performance by Moretz, who, since her breakout role in the surprisingly intense 2010 action flick Kick-Ass, has seen her career blossom. She has returned to the real-life superhero franchise in Kick-Ass 2, she’s taken on the iconic teen horror role of Carrie White created by Stephen King, and the actress continues to piece together a string of diverse, smart roles.…

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When he was known best as The Rock in the squared circle, Dwayne Johnson has held many belts, including the WWE, WCW, Tag-Team and Intercontinental championship straps. Fans of the world’s biggest action star now have an opportunity to own the belt that Johnson wore on-screen in the feature film Hercules. Available from VIP Fan Auctions, the belt has been spattered with (stage) blood by the Hercules production for added authenticity, and is a fitting accessory for the Son of Zeus or a heavyweight champion. Click here for more information – and to place your bid today.…

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lucre Lucy Lawless was already pretty much the queen of genre TV awesomeness – her resume includes Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules, Spartacus, Battlestar Galactica – and even a guest spot on The X-Files and a cameo in the 2002 version of Spider-Man. With news that she will now be joining Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this fall, Lawless shows no sign of slowing down. Fans of the New Zealand icon now have an opportunity to claim a screen-worn piece of her storied career – VIP Fan Auctions is offering the blue, silk chiffon gown she wore as Lucretia during the pivotal “Monster” episode of Spartacus: Vengeance.

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Victoria Justice is one of Nickelodean’s biggest – and most talented – TV stars. From sharing the microphone with Ariana Grande in Victorious to her role as Lola Martinez in Zoey 101  (with Jamie Lynn Spears) – Victoria has spent a decade entertaining a generation of fans. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the Wizard of Oz-inspired Dorothy dress and ruby Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star kicks (see photo) that she wore on-screen as Wren in the Halloween-themed Nickelodean feature film Fun Size. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a distinctive piece of wardrobe from one of young Hollywood’s biggest names as Victoria Justice’s career continues to skyrocket.…

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At first, Lewis Carroll’s famed looking glass seemed like a fun parlor trick – it could create a sentient reflection that, when positioned correctly, could be used to do things like play ping-pong with yourself (see Pete Lattimer vs. Pete Lattimer, above). Upon further, eh, reflection, however, the magic mirror (featured in both season 4 and season 5) could be much more dangerous. A flash of light would trap the consciousness of the person standing in front of the mirror with the person already trapped inside, surrounding them with cold, dark and silence. Far form a fairy tale, the mirror’s resident lunatic, Alice Liddell, entered the looking glass in the 19th century while exploring author Lewis Carroll’s house – and she has slipped deeper into insanity since the traumatic event (accidentally shooting her mother) that put her there.…

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