He’s mysterious. He’s diabolical. And he’s always smoking. And now VIP Fan Auctions is offering pieces of William B. Davis’s notorious Cigarette Smoking Man, The X-Files chief conspirator, featured in the finale of the paranormal classic’s 10th season finale. Straight from The X-Files special effects gurus, VIP is offering the Cigarette Smoking Man’s prosthetic head, arm casts and torso featured on-screen in the hospital. Anyone interested in special effects makeup and The X-Files should click here to see photos and more information on these unique pieces of the series’ greatest villain. Also available are Cancer Man’s production-used personal items, including his hospital ID band, Scotch glasses, a whip – and four boxes of Morleys. Click here to check out these pieces of X-Files history today!




Every fan of The X-Files recognizes Fox Mulder’s (David Duchovny) iconic “I Want to Believe” poster from the bulletin board of his office, but VIP Fan Auctions is giving one fan the opportunity to look more deeply into the FBI special agent’s notes and clippings. The bulletin boards used in Mulder’s office in the 10th season of The X-Files are now available to the fan who places the winning bid. In addition to Spooky’s production-used UFO poster, the three bulletin boards from Mulder’s office include an array of news stories, charts and photos. Click here to get a closer look at all of the materials pinned to the bulletin boards – including one of only five “I Want to Believe” posters received from The X-Files set. Don’t miss your chance to get closer to The X-Files than ever before – and have fun snooping through Mulder’s notes!




Aliens are omnipresent in The X-Files mythology. From abductions to visits to viruses to DNA, the series gives plenty of reasons for someone to “want to believe.” Alien autopsy has also played a role in the series, dating back to the third-season episode “Nisei” and continuing in the recent revival of The X-Files earlier this year. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a screen-used alien autopsy set from Season 10, which includes metal surgical instruments, specimen bowls, surgical gloves, sheet, set of five medical journals from the 1940s – and two vials of what appears to be the alien substance Purity (aka black oil). This do-it-yourself alien autopsy kit – as seen on TV! (alien not included) – is perfect for fledgling paranormal investigators! Click here for more information, photos and to get in on the bidding.




As a physician, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) has taken an oath to do no harm. As a special agent for the FBI, however, Scully is not above firing a few rounds into the many monsters, aliens and unhinged humans she’s encountered during her time on The X-Files. Fans of the series now have a rare opportunity to take possession of Scully’s FBI-issued Glock firearm she carries in The X-Files recent revival by placing the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. The prop pistol is one of only two guns used on-screen by Scully in the 10th season – so don’t miss your chance to stake a claim to this amazing piece of X-Files – and Scully – history. Click here for photos, more information and to place a bid today!




Fox “Spooky” Mulder (David Duchovny) keeps an open mind, has a photographic memory and an obsession with UFOs. As a special agent for the FBI who spent time investigating violent crimes before he stumbled upon and reopened the X-Files, he also packs heat in case things that go bump in the night get too dangerous. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the pistol Mulder uses on-screen in the episode “My Struggle II” – also known as the season (possibly series) finale of The X-Files resurrection. Mulder’s prop Glock is one of only five received from production – and one of only two with a silver ejection port (pictured above). Click here for more information and additional photos – and get in on the bidding to own the weapon carried by Fox Mulder on The X-Files.




Through her investigations of the paranormal world, FBI Special Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) has long been forced to strike a balance between her religious faith and skepticism of the unexplained phenomena she encounters in The X-Files. She is often seen wearing the small gold gross necklace (pictured above) that her mother gave her for Christmas as a teen – the same necklace that was left behind when Scully was abducted by Duane Barry back in the second season and worn by Mulder (David Duchovny) until Scully was found. In the 2016 revival of The X-Files, Scully is still seen wearing the cross, and VIP Fan Auctions is now giving fans the opportunity to claim this pivotal piece of jewelry worn by Gillian Anderson’s iconic character during the 10th season of the series. Click here for photos and more information (it also comes with a pair of Scully’s screen-worn earrings) – and place your bid today!




“Do you believe that thoughts have mass?” Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) asks his Texas counterpart Einstein, which leads him to attempt to communicate with a vegetative terrorist by taking a long, strange trip into the expanded consciousness of both (with the help of hallucinogenic mushrooms, sort of) – that detours into a honky-tonk bar where Mulder dances to “Achy Breaky Hear”t as Skinner and the Lone Gunmen cheer him on. The scene is probably the strangest in 10 years of paranormal investigation, but VIP Fan Auctions is offering proof of its existence: The fur-felt cowboy hat Levis, belt and Harley Davidson shirt Mulder wears during the bizarre sequence in the episode “Babylon” (pictured above) is now available to The X-Files fan who places the winning bid. Also available in a separate auction are Mulder’s suit, shirt, tie and cowboy hat worn the episode. Click here to see all of the available wardrobe and props currently available from The X-Files 10th season.




It took FBI special agent Dana Scully, MD (Gillian Anderson), a long time to believe in the paranormal, but the forensic pathologist and skeptical surgeon eventually understand the remarkable truth long before she confirmed her own alien DNA. Through the years, Scully has been widely regarded as one of the greatest characters of science fiction, and now VIP Fan Auctions is offering her official FBI badge and identification (pictured above) featured on-screen in the tenth season of The X-Files. The badge and ID comes with Scully’s leather bi-fold wallet – the only one received from The X-Files production. Click here to see photos and find more information about this amazing piece of television history – and get in on the bidding for this unique piece of The X-Files today!




The iconic “I Want To Believe” poster that hangs on Fox Mulder’s (David Duchovny) bulletin board (pictured above) in The X-Files has become as synonymous with the show as Spooky himself. In addition to perfectly summing up Mulder’s modus operandi, the poster – which features a UFO hovering over a forest – is also a pretty cool piece of set decoration – even when peppered with Mulder’s pencil holes. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a screen-used “I Want To Believe” poster from the 10th season of The X-Files, complete with a set of 10 of Mulder’s pencils. The poster has been intentionally torn (and repaired) by The X-Files production team for use in the series’ resurrection – and it’s now ready to hang on the wall of The X-Files fan who values authenticity and places the winning bid. Click here for photos and more information – and place your bid today!




Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) may be called “Spooky” for his theories on extra-terrestrial activity, but he’s been proven right more often than not. And for an FBI agent who never seems to stop working, it’s important to keep track of time – and the self-winding Bulova wristwatch that Mulder wears on-screen during The X-Files resurrection (a.k.a. the 10th season; pictured above) is now available to the fortunate fan who casts the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. If you are a time-oriented investigator of the paranormal, conspiracy theories and other things that go bump in the night – or are simply a human or alien fan of the X-Files –don’t miss this chance to claim a piece of Mulder history. Click here for photos and more information – and get in on the bidding for Fox Mulder’s watch today!