As a war photographer, Damien Thorn (Bradley James) has found himself in some scary situations, including staring down the business end of an AK47 assault rifle (pictured above) in Damascus. The prop rifle, featured on-screen in the series premiere “The Beast Rises,” leading to Damien learning his dark secret, is relentlessly realistic and now available to the fan who places the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. The rifle is constructed of rubber but looks authentic, measures more than 33-in., and is a remarkable piece of Hollywood prop-building. Click here for more information, photos and to take a shot at owning this high-powered piece of Damien today!




For three seasons on Hulu, the supernatural comedy Deadbeat probed the world of mediums as slacker Kevin “Pac” Pacalioglu (played by Tyler Labine) helped ghosts work through unresolved issues. Actress-singer-model Cat Deeley played Pac’s rival – the completely fake medium Camomile White – in one of streaming TV’s funniest and most offbeat comedies to date. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering fans of Deadbeat a chance to claim a piece of the series, including a robe (pictured above) and (stage) blood-spattered coat worn by Cat Deeley on-screen. To check out these and other Deadbeat wardrobe items – including the “DJ Deadrat” mask – click here to visit the Deadbeat auction page and get in on the bidding today!




Keeping up appearances as the ruler of the PTA can be exhausting, but a phenomenal wardrobe definitely helps. Christina Applegate’s PTA queen bee Gwendolyn in the hit comedy Bad Moms way be a tightly wound control freak with an evil streak, but she dresses impeccably. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering fans of the movie a chance to claim a prize piece of her wardrobe: the stylish Burberry trench coat (pictured above) that Christina Applegate wears on-screen (which originally sells for nearly $1,000). Don’t miss your chance to own a designer coat worn by one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses in the hit comedy of the summer! Click here to get in on the bidding today!




Photography has always played an ominous role in the legend of Damien Thorn, dating back to the revealing death photos of the original story. For shutterbug fans of the A&E series, Damien, VIP Fan Auctions is offering a set of the TV Antichrist’s high-end, screen-used photography equipment from the show – including a Nikon D3 SLR digital camera, Sigma lens, Nikon 18-135 mm lens, Nikon 35-70 mm lens, camera bag and camera accessory set. To see all of this equipment, more details and to get in on the bidding, click here. And for additional props and wardrobe from the set of Damien, visit the Damien auction page today!




When The Omen was released in 1976, it instantly ranked as one of the most frightening films of all time. Young Damien Thorn, who happened to be the son of Satan, scored a sequel in 1978 but really came into his own in the 2016 A&E series, Damien (starring Bradley James). Though the series, which centered on an adult Damien Thorn who learns the grim truth about who he is, only lasted one season, it built a devoted following (uh-oh). Now VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans of the cult hit an opportunity to claim some of Damien’s signature props, including Ann Rutlegde’s (played by Barbara Hershey) screen-used Dagger of Megiddo (and case) – one of seven sacred knives that have the power to kill the Antichrist. Click here to get in on the bidding of this amazing piece of Hollywood history – and keep it close because you never know when you might need it!




Every parent with school-age kids knows someone like Christina Applegate’s Bad Moms character, Gwendolyn. The PTA president is judgmental, disapproving and bossy to the point where some of the less-than-perfect moms want to punch that chick right in the… well, they don’t like her very much. That shouldn’t stop Bad Moms fans from claiming one of Gwendoyln’s designer purses from VIP Fan Auctions, such as her beige-and-gold Coach handbag featured in the film. Click here for photos and more information about this Bad Moms accessory – and get in on the bidding today.




Jada Pinkett Smith’s Bad Moms character, Stacy, may not be as dangerous as her Gotham character Fish Mooney, but the actress says her Bad Moms alter ego isn’t someone you’d want to be around. “She’s one of those stay-at-home moms that really enjoys making everyone’s life miserable,” the actress told Yahoo! Movies of her Bad Moms role. The hard-core PTA women in Bad Moms may be insufferable, but a big part of their obsession with keeping up appearances extends to their wardrobes, such as Stacy’s pink Moschino jacket (pictured above, along with her Joe’s pants, Michael Kors shoes, silk shirt and belt) – and the entire screen-worn ensemble is currently available to the fan who places the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. Don’t let this opportunity to claim a piece of Pinkett Smith’s phenomenal career – from a hit comedy. Click here to check out all the Bad Moms wardrobe items and get in on the bidding today!




In the hit comedy Bad Moms, Mila Kunis stars as Amy Mitchell – an over-committed, overwhelmed, over-worked mom with a great wardrobe. When she finally cuts loose after realizing that she can’t – and won’t – try to keep pace with the demands of the school PTA, it leads to a hilarious personal revolution. While Amy may be losing her mind, she never loses her sensible style, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering many of the outfits she wore on-screen in Bad Moms. Currently available is the Hugo Boss suit and Theory shirt Amy wears during the wild, drunken trip through the liquor aisle (pictured above), as well as the Zara jacket, Maje shirt, Ted Baker pants and Nine West shoes she wore early in the movie (click here for photos). To see all of the available bad Moms wardrobe and props now available, click here and claim a piece of what is certain to be a classic Hollywood comedy!




Rayna Jaymes always looks fantastic. As the queen of country music, she has unlimited access to the top designers’ fashions, including the cream J. Mendel dress pictured above. Worn on-screen by Connie Britton in the first-season episode “We Live in Two Different Worlds,” the sleeveless chiffon-and-silk V-neck dress originally sold for nearly $2,900 – but it is now available to the Nashville fan who casts the winning bid. Click here for photos, more information and to place a bid on this stunning designer dress!




Kristen Bell is a natural for raucous comedy, and as Kiki in the hit film Bad Moms (currently in theaters), the former Veronica Mars star shines as an overwhelmed stay-at-home mom who desperately needs to cut loose! The movie – which also stars Mila Kunis, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith and Kathryn Hahn – is certain to be a classic for every time-strapped mom, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans a chance to claim props and wardrobe from the film, including Kiki’s engagement ring, watch, bottle of Kiki’s beloved whipped cream (see photo above) and her control-freak husband’s wedding band. Click here to place a bid on this set of items used on-screen by Kristen Bell in Bad Moms, one of her on-screen outfits (sweater, pants and shoes) – and check out all of the Bad Moms props and wardrobe items currently available!