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Pivotal moments in American history are all captured in newsprint. From the moon landing to the crash of the Hindenburg – even in the digital era – important events are front-page news. Case in point: When Ted is declared “property” by a Massachusetts court, it is the Page 1 story of The Boston Globe – and VIP Fan Auctions has a copy of the newspaper available to the fan who places the winning bid. The newspaper – created for and featured on-screen in Ted 2 – features a picture of an angry Ted walking down the courthouse steps. A second article features the headline “Talking Teddy Bear Sues for Personhood,” and the first paragraph discusses Ted and Tammi-Lynn’s inability to adopt because Ted being declared “property.” Click here to get in on the bidding to claim a piece of Ted 2 today!



In a world where international turmoil leads to the launch of hundreds of men, women and children into space aboard the USS Ascension for a 100-year voyage to find and colonize a new planet, high fashion survives the journey. Many of the truly stunning gowns worn on-screen during the Syfy miniseries Ascension are currently available at VIP Fan Auctions. Designer clothes worn by Samantha Krueger (played by Lauren Lee Smith), Viondra Denniger (played by Tricia Helfer), Lorelei Wright (played by Amanda Thomson) and Emily Vanderhaus (played by Tiffany Lonsdale) are on the auction block and available to anyone who loves the intersection of Hollywood, high fashion and science fiction! Click here to see all of the available Ascension props and wardrobe items!




True love never dies – but it can be reincarnated, especially in East End. When Killian Gardiner (Daniel DiTomasso) declares his love for Freya Beauchamp (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and pleads with her not to marry Dash Gardiner (Eric Winter), she turns him away, not knowing he is the reincarnation of Henry, her husband from a past life. Killian will not go away without a fight, however, and he sends her a music box (pictured above) as a token of his affection – and VIP Fan Auctions is making that screen-used music box featured in the first-season finale of Witches of East End. The gorgeous wooden box features a glass mirror, brass musical parts and an enchanted history straight from Fairhaven. Click here to see photos of the box (and the gift box in which it was delivered) and get in on the bidding today – this auction ends soon!




The Comic Con featured in Ted 2 offered a Who’s Who of Hollywood heroes and villains – and none are more iconic than the Stormtroopers from a galaxy far, far away. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a Stortrooper costume featured in Ted 2 to the Star Wars/Ted fan who casts the winning bid. The Stormtrooper uniform includes a helmet, a pair of white Dr. Marten’s shoes, jumpsuit, chest and torso plates, and arm, shoulder, thigh and leg armor. Click here for photos and more information – and get in on the bidding today. May the Force be with you.




Ted was stunned to learn that he had to prove himself a person before he would be allowed to father a child with his beloved Tami-Lynn, but as long as he was viewed as a piece of property – like a hammer or an orange or garbage or a piece of… Well, you get the idea. Combine this oppression with Seth MacFarlane’s knack for irreverence and you get a 12 Years A Slave cutaway featuring everyone’s favorite foulmouthed Teddy bear. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the screen-used 12 Years A Slave version of Ted (pictured above) to the fan who places the winning bid. Click here for photos and more details of this jaw-dropping prop and place your bid today!

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As far as undercover assignments are concerned, Piper Perabo’s agent Annie Walker on Covert Affairs had a pretty sweet gig. Undercover as a well-to-do importer/exporter dabbling in not-so-legal merchandise, Perabo’s character had to look the part – and that meant designer clothes and accessories. Lot’s of ‘em. Now fans have an opportunity to walk in her well-heeled footsteps (often for an amazingly great price) thanks to VIP Fan Auctions, which is offering her screen-worn clothes and accessories to the fortunate fans who place the winning bids. Currently available are Annie Walker’s blue leather Stella McCartney purse (pictured above), a pair of her Chanel sunglasses (with case) and her black Gucci dress. Check out all of these and more at the Covert Affairs auction page – and place your bid on a designer piece of Hollywood history today.




Based on the real-life Project Orion of the 1960s, the Syfy miniseries Ascension imagines a world in which international tension prompts the U.S. to launch hundreds of men, women and children into space for a century-long voyage aboard the USS Ascension to colonize a new planet and ensure the future of the human race. Unfortunately, a murder halfway into the voyage sends ripples through the mission. VIP Fan Auctions is offering some otherworldly wardrobe items featured on-screen in the miniseries, including the stunning red dress and gloves worn in the first episode by Tricia Helfer’s Viondra Denniger (pictured above) – as well as another red dress she wore in the third episode – and the uniform worn by Brian Van Holt’s Captain Denniger as well as his Zodiac compass and Ascension ID card. Check out these and all of the available Ascension props and wardrobe items by clicking here – and grab a piece of mankind’s last hope today!





Yes, you read that headline correctly – VIP Fan Auctions is offering the jeans worn on-screen by Super Bowl champion, future hall-of-famer and deflate-gate poster boy Tom Brady in Ted 2. Anyone can get a Brady jersey or helmet, but only one fan will claim this unique pair of collectable pants. Click here for more details and photos and place your bid on this piece of wardrobe where Hollywood meets professional sports! But act quickly – this auction is ending soon!

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After spending the first three seasons of Covert Affairs undercover as a museum staffer for the Smithsonian, Piper Perabo’s Annie Walker must have enjoyed the wardrobe upgrade in her new cover story as a wealthy import/exporter. Fans of Covert Affairs have also benefitted from the shift in plot since VIP Fan Auctions has been offering her screen-worn designer wardrobe to the fans who cast the winning bids. Currently available is a pair of Annie’s Gucci sunglasses (which originally sell for more than $400) and carrying case. If you’re looking for a phenomenal pair of shades that were part of a hit TV series, click here and get in on the bidding today!

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Burberry is an iconic British luxury brand which, for the uninitiated, means: Good luck finding a Burberry purse for under $1,000. While that may be chump-change to CIA agent Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) on Covert Affairs, VIP Fan Auctions is offering one fortunate fan of the series an opportunity to claim the blue leather Burberry purse she carried on-screen in the fifth-season episode “Spit On A Stranger.” The handbag’s original retail price is $1395 – but click here to set your own price and claim a piece of Hollywood high fashion. The purse also includes a screen-worn silk shirt worn by Perabo in the same episode – click here for photos and more information.