Daggers, swords and other devices that shoot, slice or smash on the high seas are natural extensions of any pirate’s hand, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering some of the notorious weapons wielded on-screen by Black Sails’ most popular buccaneers. Currently on the auction block is the dagger used by Captain Vane (click here for photos and more information), a gold-and-silver handled stunt dagger used by Captain Flint (click here) and, perhaps the greatest weapon a pirate can have, the combination axe/rifle used by Billy Bones (click here). Visit the Black Sails auction page for these and other weapons, wardrobe and props from the epic Starz series.




Black Sails’ reluctant pirate hero John Silver (Luke Arnold) has paid a dear price for his loyalty, but his cunning and wit allow him to be a voice of reason to the increasingly tyrannical Captain Flint – and he eventually realizes the power he possesses in being both loved and feared. VIP Fan Auctions is offering several signature wardrobe pieces of the legendary pirate, including Silver’s custom-designed blue and black long pirate coat (pictured above; click here for photos and more information). Also available is the green custom-made jacket Silver wore on-screen during the second season of Black Sails (click here for photos and more information). From the second episode of Black Sails, John Silver’s screen-used shirt, pants and blanket are also available to the fan who casts the winning bid (click here for photos and more information). To see all of the props and wardrobe items currently available from the set of Black Sails, visit VIP Fan Auctions today!



As beautiful as she is cold-blooded, Anne Bonny (played on Black Sails by Clara Paget) entered the pirate life when Jack Rackham slit the throat of the abusive man who made young Anne his child bride. Joining the crew of Captain Charles Vane, Anne Bonny was a quick study and settled in to life on the high seas as the most notorious pirate in history. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a piece of the character’s unique wardrobe – Anne Bonny’s custom-made coat (pictured above) worn on-screen in seasons two through four. Brown and green in color and distressed for authenticity, the long coat will protect the high bidder form the elements – and provide a distinctive piece of Black Sails history. Click here for photos and more information, and place your bid today!



Long John Silver lost his leg in one of the most gruesome ways imaginable. Luckily for Luke Arnold, the actor who plays the legendary pirate on Black Sails, bringing the aftermath of the attack to the screen was fairly painless thanks to some practical visual effects – the tools of which are now available to the fan who casts the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. The set includes the knee slip and brace that allowed the actor to hide his lower leg, as well as John Silver’s peg leg and a peg-leg insert to complete the effect (see photo above). Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of television visual effects and dazzle friends at the next costume party. Click here for photos, more information and to claim the peg leg of Long John Silver today!



The dagger used by Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) during the fourth season of Black Sails is as impressive as it is well-used. Crafted from silver and gold, the prop weapon is befitting an accomplished master and commander. The dagger measures more than 15 inches long with a 10-inch blade and a handle engraved with a lion’s head. Click here for photos, more information and to place a bid on Flint’s dagger today. VIP Fan Auctions is also offering shipmate John Silver’s (Luke Arnold) screen-used dagger, which is roughly the same size as Flint’s but more subdued with a simple brown and gold handle. Click here to place a bid on Silver’s dagger and claim your signature piece of Black Sails!



The three-corner pirate hat is a signature piece of any buccaneer’s wardrobe, and the hat worn on-screen in Black Sails by Jack Rackham (Toby Schmitz) is the epitome of pirate fashion. The distressed brown leather hat (pictured above) was built for the high seas and worn in multiple episodes by the quartermaster of the pirate ship Ranger and the eventual captain of Colonial dawn. The hat is obviously lucky as Rackham successfully found the Urca gold and survived numerous battles alongside Charles Vane and Anne Bonny. Don’t miss your chance to claim this unique piece of Black Sails wardrobe – click here for more information, photos and to get in on the bidding today!

To see all of the available Black Sails wardrobe and weapons, click here, matey!



A grandstanding defense attorney who loves conflict – and isn’t afraid to break the rules to win – Guilt’s Stan Gutterie (played by Billy Zane) is very good at his job and has accumulated many wonderful toys throughout his career, including a six-string electric guitar rocking a unique hand-drawn design. Featured in the pivotal episode “Eyes Wide Open” (during which Grace realizes she is not a murderer), the guitar is red, white, blue and black – and comes with a guitar stand. If you’re looking for an axe with some Hollywood cred, visit VIP Fan Auctions now or click here for more information, photos and to place a bid on Gutterie’s guitar today!



For pirates in search of confession, the Congregational Church on Black Sails welcomes all – it says so right on the church’s sign. While there’s never exactly been a long line of crew disembarking their ships or ladies making the trek from Noonan’s brothel to the church in search of absolution, but the doors are open. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the church’s sign to the Black Sails fan who casts the winning bid for this one-of-a-kind piece of set decoration. This literal “sign” from God is weathered and wood, measuring 30 x 36 inches, and features a cross and the words “Congregational Church, Daily Service 8 o’clock, All Are Welcome.” Click here for more information and photos of the sign, and get in on the bidding today!



John Silver, the villain of the classic novel Treasure Island began as a lowly sailor, opportunist and thief 20 years earlier in the Starz pirate epic Black Sails. A lousy cook with a good memory, Silver (played by Luke Arnold) was gifted in the art of self-preservation but ultimately discovers his inner hero – along with a quest for gold – though it costs him his leg. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the dagger of this legendary figure. Used on-screen in the fourth season of Black Sails, the prop dagger is more than 15 inches long and designed for authenticity. Click here for photos of this amazing piece of Hollywood pirate weaponry – and get in on the bidding today!



There is no pirate as notorious as Blackbeard. Born Edward Teach, Blackbeard was captain of the heavily armed Queen Anne’s Revenge – formerly a French merchant ship he captured. Played by Ray Stevenson on Black Sails, Blackbeard was a mentor to Captain Vane (the son he never had, despite trying with nine wives) and a fierce fighter and brilliant tactician who will undoubtedly play a vital role in pirate rebellion in the fourth and final season of Black Sails. VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans of the series an amazing opportunity to own Blackbeard’s hat (pictured above) – a one-of-a-kind three-corner leather hat custom-made for Black Sails. Don’t let this opportunity to plunder Blackbeard’s wardrobe – click here for photos and more information, and place your bid today.