The sets of Stargate Universe were truly amazing, and the series’ head of construction, Scott Wellenbrink, and his team of set designers took the concepts from the printed page to reality. In this exclusive interview with VIP Fan Auctions, Wellenbrink shares some of his secrets of the trade.

VIP: How did you become involved in building sets for a television show?
Scott Wellenbrink: I came to the set as a visitor and was blown away with what I saw. I knew instantly I wanted in. From there I was given some chances from some great people who I thank very much for the chance.

VIP: What were some of the most challenging sets to create?
SW: Sets involving water or rain can be challenging. Trying to keep things workable in a studio where it is raining heavily can be a challenge

VIP: What set turned out much better than you imagined?
SW: I would have to say the Destiny ship was beyond my imagination for a set.

VIP: Is there something that the fans would be surprised to learn about the Stargate set?
SW: Much of what they see is the same space transformed into something else by changing out walls, floors, lighting etc.

VIP: What is your favorite set from all of the sets you created?
SW: I love some of the aftermath sets and building collapse sets we do, they allow us to be very creative and still have to be functional.

VIP: Were there any specific rules or concepts that were “off-limits” when designing sets?
SW: We try to always keep safety in mind and merge this with creativity and design. Getting 100 plus people working in a space that’s safe is big for us. We always find unique ways of combining these but still leaning largely towards design.

VIP: Were there any memorable set malfunctions?
SW: You will never know, and we never tell. [Laughs] Mishaps, if any, remain in construction.

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