If you looked at Black Sails and The Leftovers, one wouldn’t think they have much in common. The former is a political pirate drama set in the 1700s and the later is a modern post apocalyptic tale. But it is no coincidence that they are two of the best series on television right now, and both will be closing its doors before their respective five-season mark.

These two series are a part of a growing trend of “shorter is better.” Shorter seasons with increased quality speak to the bloating problem in the age of peak TV, where longer episodes and seasons can mistakenly be equated with Art. Also, both of these shows endings are self-imposed by their respective creators, which allows them to give both stories a respective ending. Although, it comes down to both shows avoiding fluff and only showing the viewers scenes that move the story forward.

In quality, these two stand a part from the traditional content. Unfortunately with The Leftovers capping after its third season and Black Sails after its fourth, they will likely be shorter than their compatriots. Although, you don’t need to be a long run show to be successful. Of course we always want to see more, but both shows have found their sweet spot to end their journey. It seems popular series of the past seem to go on one too many seasons and leave a sour taste for viewers. Even Game of Thrones is shortening its last two seasons, which looks to be setting up an epic war in Westeros for the thrown, which has threatened to end life, as they know it.

I think the trend of shorter seasons will continue after the success of these two series. Black Sails returns for its fourth and final season January 2017. Tell us what you think will happen in the final season?