The TV series Guilt brings viewers into a world of money, murder, sex and fashion – and VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans a chance to go beyond its London setting to bring a piece of that world home. Currently available are outfits worn by Guilt star Daisy Head (who plays Grace Atwood, an American college student living in London who is suspected of the gruesome murder of her roommate), including the Top Shop zipper-front biker-style jacket (pictured above), as well Grace’s screen-worn Top Shop floral dress and jacket (with sunglasses). To see all of the available wardrobe items from the series, visit the Guilt auction page and get in on the bidding today!


James Gunn’s Belko Experiment’s Teaser Trailer

The Belko Eperiment Teaser Trailer

James Gunn is best known for his role as director of Guardians of the Galaxy and he will be directing the second one as well. Although, before you get a chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Gunn will be the writer and producer of a film with a completely different feel.

The Belko Experiment is scripted by James Gunn and directed by Wolf Creek helmer Greg McLean, the film takes the intensity of The Hunger Games and throws it all into an everyday office. Below is the full synopsis from the film’s debut at TIFF earlier this year:

“It at first seems to be an ordinary morning on the job for a group of Americans working for a not-for-profit in a modern office building in Colombia. After noticing that their Colombian colleagues have not arrived for work, office worker Mike (John Gallagher, Jr.) spots some unfamiliar security guards entering a large hangar nearby. Moments later, an icy voice comes over the building’s PA system and calmly explains that the employees must kill a certain number of their co-workers — if not, they will be killed themselves. While the boss (Tony Goldwyn) tries to calm the troops, Mike belatedly realizes that something truly sinister is going on — and when metal doors come sliding down on all the building’s exits and windows, it becomes clear that friends and colleagues are now suddenly enemies in a bloody and brutal battle to the death.”

The Belko Experiment will surely bring out the worst in people and let’s just say the employees will get to know each other on a much more personal level than before. The short teaser shows the start of the experiment as a voice over the intercom asked for all of their full attention while they are being locked into the office.

The Belko Experiment premieres March 17, 2017. Be sure to stay tuned into VIP Fan Auctions for more information about the movie and the auctions.




As an actress and as a singer, Hailee Steinfeld is having an amazing career. The 19-year-old’s debut single – last year’s “Love Myself” – went platinum and her film career, from True Grit to Pitch Perfect 2 to The Edge of Seventeen (now in theaters) is full of box office and critical hits. VIP Fan Auctions is now giving fans a chance to claim of piece of Hailee Steinfeld’s filmography with several of the outfits she wears on-screen as frustrated high-schooler Nadine in The Edge of Seventeen. Currently available are Nadine’s Top Shop shirt and pants; her Guess denim jacket, necklace, floral dress, suede purse and Vans shoes; her Divided sweatshirt, multicolor Converse Chucks, and skirt (see outfit above); and her red American Apparel sweatshirt, Distinctions skirt, leopard-print Vans, plaid skirt and necklace. Don’t miss your chance to claim a piece of Hailee Steinfeld’s career while you can – visit VIP’s The Edge of Seventeen auction page today!




If you want to blow a special someone’s mind this holiday season without necessarily breaking the bank, check out the burgundy Sofia Cashmere cape-style coat currently available at VIP Fan Auctions. Worn on-screen by Lorenza Izzo as Pilar Herrera in the AMC series Feed the Beast, this stunning piece of designer wardrobe could go to a fan at a fraction of its retail price – with the added value of being worn by one of young Hollywood’s brightest up-and-coming stars. Don’t miss this chance to claim a piece of Feed the Beast wardrobe – click here for photos and more information, and get in on the bidding today.




The AMC drama Feed the Beast brings together Polish mobsters and upscale Greek dining in an American version of a Danish crime drama. This multinational piece of television also features phenomenal Italian suits – such as the single-breasted Armani suit (and Paul Smith shirt) worn on-screen by David Schwimmer as Tommy Moran. Don’t miss your chance to own a top-tier suit worn by one of the most popular actors in the history of television. Click here for photos and more information on this designer suit – currently available on the Feed the Beast page at VIP Fan Auctions. Get in on the bidding today and wear a piece of Hollywood history to your next black-tie affair!




The Magnificent Seven’s Goodnight Robicheaux (Ethan Hawke) has seen too much bloodshed. A legendary sharpshooter in the Civil War, Robicheaux is in no hurry to pick up a rifle ever again. When his old friend Sam Chisolm needs him most, however, Robicheaux shows up guns blazing. As one of the fan favorites in a star-studded cast of vigilante gunmen, Ethan Hawke’s Robicheaux is an unforgettable character – and VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans a signature piece of his wardrobe from The Magnificent Seven in the form of his long, blue coat worn on-screen in the hit movie. Click here for your chance to get in one the bidding for this piece of a legendary actor’s stories career – from one of the biggest films of the year.




High-end fashion was a key piece of the look and feel of the stylish TV series Guilt. Whether it was a member of the British royal family or a cop investigating a murder case – the cast was always dressed to the nines, and VIP Fan Auctions is now bringing the cast’s screen-worn designer wardrobe to fans. Currently available is the Ozwald Boateng suit, shirt, tie (and Paul Smith pocket square) worn by Stan Gutterie (Billy Zane, pictured above); the Massimo Dutti suit (and Zara shirt, H&S shoes) worn on-screen by Prince Theo (Sam Cassidy); and the Hugo Boss suit (T.M Lewin shirt and pocket square, and Aquascutum tie) worn by James Lahue (Anthony Head). For sizes, photos and more information on these and other Guilt wardrobe items currently available, click here and get in on the bidding today!




There are not many opportunities to claim a signature piece of wardrobe from a hit film worn by one of the top actors working today. Such pieces of Hollywood history are usually held in private collections, museums and theme restaurants, but VIP Fan Auctions is making it possible for everyday fans to own the black duster coat, vest, shirt, pants, belt and kerchief worn on-screen by Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington as bounty hunter Sam Chisolm in The Magnificent Seven. Click here for photos and more information – and don’t miss your opportunity to claim the old-west wardrobe straight from the hit movie today!




British D.J. Roz Walters (played by Simona Brown) has many secrets. From her secret relationships to masterminding a murder, she may also be a victim of karma by the final episode of Guilt when her darkest secret is discovered. VIP Fan Auctions is exposing another one of her secrets, however, by offering one of her most stunning, sexy outfits – the Mistress Rocks dress, Dolce Vita shoes, ring and earrings she wears on-screen during a rendezvous with the Prince (pictured above) in “The Eye of the Needle” episode of Guilt. Click here for more information, photos and to get in on the bidding for this unforgettable piece of wardrobe from the key villain in the thriller Guilt.




The Edge of Seventeen has been heralded as the next great teen comedy. The critically acclaimed film (now in theaters) stars Hailee Steinfeld as Nadine, an awkward high-schooler whose world begins to crumble when her only friend starts dating her popular brother. The Edge of Seventeen is certain to become a cult classic with a long streaming life ahead of it, and VIP Fan Auctions is now offering screen-worn wardrobe from the film, including Nadine’s trademark hoodie, shorts and Vans featured in the movie – and on the movie poster (pictured above). Don’t miss a chance to claim a signature piece of a fantastic film worn by one of Hollywood’s brightest young entertainers – click here for more information, photos and to get in on the bidding today!