The White Princess centers on the marriage of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, but it’s anything but a love story. For all of its beauty – period costumes, rolling landscapes and palatial scenery, the Starz miniseries is built on espionage, battles and the trappings of royalty – and VIP Fan Auctions is offering signature pieces of The White Princess that touch on all of these elements. Currently available is a custom-made maroon-and-gold velvet cloak and beige-and-gold tiara worn on-screen by Rebecca Benson as Margaret “Maggie” Plantagenet. Also available is King Henry’s (Jacob Collins-Levy) screen-used dagger (actually a 19.5-inch short sword, pictured above) brandished by his royal highness in his quest to gain control of England. Click here to see all of the available props and wardrobe items from The White Princess, and do your royal bidding today!



To survive in the army of King Henry, you must be strong, quick, heavily armed and well protected. If you can supply the strength and speed, VIP Fan Auctions can take care of the rest. Straight from the muddy and bloody battlefields of The White Princess, the site is offering a pair of shields (see above) emblazoned with a red dragon, an axe and a rose battlefield banner from the house of Tudor is currently available (click here for photos and more information). Also available is a battle-tested red-dragon shield, axe and club (click here for images) – as well as a 39-inch long sword, dagger and scabbard (click here). To see all the battlefield gear currently available from The White Princess, visit the show’s auction site and get in on the bidding today!



The legend of Long John Silver may have sprung from the imagination of Billy Bones to haunt those who opposed to those who “flew the black,” but the man who inspired the myth quickly lived up to the lore. John Silver (played by Luke Arnold) did what no one else could – he “unmade” Captain Flint to bring peace to Nassau, and while he relied much more on guile and cunning than weapons to lead his crew, VIP Fan Auctions is offering the dagger Silver wielded on-screen during the final season of Black Sails. The prop dagger measures more than 15-inches long, features a brown and gold handle (seen tucked into Silver’s belt, above) and has been designed by the Black Sails props department to look authentic. Don’t miss this chance to claim a piece of TV history used by a legendary pirate. Click here for photos and more information about the prop dagger – and get in on the bidding today!



Battles in the late 15th century were fought with blades, armor and grit – and the finest swords belonged to knights and noblemen such as Lord Strange (played by Nicholas Audsley), the stepbrother of Henry Tudor, and John de la Pole (played by Adrian Rawlins), the Duke of Suffolk (also known as the “Trimming Duke”). The swords of both men, featured on-screen in the Starz miniseries The White Princess, are now being made available to fans of the series at VIP Fan Auctions. The prop sword wielded by de la Pole is silver with a black handle (click here for photos and more information), while Lord Strange’s sword is silver with a gold handle (pictured, sheathed, above – click here for photos and more information). Both measure nearly 40-inches long. Also available is a long sword used by a Burgundian soldier on The White Princess – it is gray with a brown-and-gold handle with blue rhinestones (click here for photos and more information). To view all of the available prop weapons currently available from The White Princess, click here and get in on the bidding today. These auctions end soon!



The image of a lion – powerful, proud, noble and dangerous – plays an integral role in many royal crests featured in The White Princess, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering a number of these royal banners featured on-screen to fans of the Starz period drama. Currently available is the almost-whimsical yellow-and-blue lion crest flag – featuring three lion heads with tongues sticking out (click here for photos and more information). Also available is the more-regal lion/strip crest flag with multiple designs (click here for photos and more information) and red, yellow and white lion-and-cross crest flag (click here for photos and more information). All of these flags were on display in the great hall of Westminster Castle during the premiere episode of The White Princess – click here to see all of the available props and wardrobe items from the series, and get in on the bidding for a piece of royal television history!



Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin (Rockmond Dunbar) is one of the most beloved former inmates of Fox River Penitentiary and Agent Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) is one of the most hated (though he seems to soften as the series goes on). In the Prison Break revival, however, fans find C-Note still fighting the good fight, while Kellerman is a bit more mysterious – but time is of the essence for both men, and the watches they wear on screen are no being offered to the Prison Break fans who cast the winning bids. Kellerman’s watch is a Fossil with black face and black leather band (pictured above) – it also comes with his U.S. Airborne ring and pin (click here for photos, more information and to join the bidding). C-Note’s watch is a Momentum brand with a metal band and black face, which also comes with his silver wedding band (click here for photos, more information and to get in on the bidding). Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of Prison Break – visit VIP Fan Auctions to see all of the available wardrobe and props from the groundbreaking series!



Not everyone can – or should – wear a cape, but when you’re a princess, it seems like a natural fit. The magnificent gray-and-gold cape worn by Elizabeth “Lizzie” of York (Jodie Comer) on the Starz miniseries The White Princess is currently being offered to the royal fan who casts the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. The cape (pictured above) measures 50×130 inches – the wearer must supply her or his own handmaidens to keep the end from dragging along the ground – is custom designed from polyester and velvet with a faux-fur border, literally fit for a queen. Click here for photos and additional information, and place your bid today!



The gold Guess watch worn on-screen (temporarily) by the guard Mustafa in “The Liar” – the third episode of Prison Break: Resurrection – is currently being offered to the fan who casts the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. Michael “Kaniel Outis” Scofield (Wentworth Miller) nabs the watch off the guard’s wrist during a scuffle to plant on ISIL leader Abu Ramal to get him detained during the escape from Ogygia – a strategy that doesn’t play out as anticipated and results in a dangerous new enemy. The guard’s loss will be one Prison Break fan’s gain, however – click here for photos, more information and to get in on the bidding for this notorious timepiece before time runs out!



A hallmark of the best period pieces (in addition to accents), whether on television or in film, is phenomenal costume design, and Starz’ The White Princess is no exception. According to a recent interview with Women’s Wear Daily with the series’ costume designer, Phoebe de Gaye, the fashions featured in the royal miniseries, were inspired by 15th century paintings. “It’s a chance to look at a period that’s so rarely done,” de Gaye told Women’s Wear Daily. “This is an interesting period, it’s very much a transition period. There are a lot of paintings of the period; the Flemish school. They put so much detail into some of their works that you can see where the seams are, you can see where long sleeves were pinned and unpinned so you could change it for different sleeves. I went through paintings and engravings and things, and read books on construction of the clothes of the period, and all that. Then, it was a matter of interpreting it for contemporary [viewers].” VIP Fan Auctions is now offering several stunning, custom-designed gowns featured on The White Princess, including Elizabeth of York’s short-sleeve corset, skirt and sleeves (pictured above, click here for photos and details); Lizzie’s grey long-sleeve dress with lace-up front (click here); and the cape, long-sleeve wraparound dress and corset worn by dowager Queen Elizabeth. Do not miss this opportunity to claim a piece of stunning wardrobe created by one of television’s most talented designers. Visit VIP Fan Auctions and get in on the bidding today – these auctions are ending soon!


Jacob Collins-Levy Reigns as Henry VII


Access Hollywood had the opportunity to talk with actor Jacob Collins-Levy early into his reign as Henry VII’s on Starz’s Sunday night drama The White Princess. He reigns during a time of unrest throughout the land, the newly-crowned king is ruling the kingdom from a place of fear.

“100 percent governing by fear, through fear,” actor Jacob Collins-Levy told when they asked him about how his character, Henry Tudor, is living and ruling ahead of Episode 2. “That’s exactly the place he’s moving from, I think. He’s completely out of [his] depth. He doesn’t know what’s going on.”

To prepare for the role Jacob read two biographies of the monarch as well as studied portraits of Henry Tudor.

“There were two that I looked at mainly – one of him when he was young, when he was the Earl of Richmond, and the other one when he was 50, maybe. Not long before he passed, so maybe late 40s,” Jacob told Access when they caught up with him again on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Starz’s “American Gods.” “And you kind of compare those two and try and come up with a kind of physical appearance of him and the way he moves and stuff just from what you can see depicted.”

Jacob also praised the costume designer, Phoebe de Gaye for helping him get fully into character. The costumes were integral to getting into the headspace of the monarch – from fitted armor, to the gigantic coronation robe.

“The entire costume helps you get into character,” Jacob said. “It makes you feel of the period and it makes you feel like the individual, it makes you feel like the character. So, I always find that stuff a blessing. It can be uncomfortable, but you kind of use that.”

The White Princess airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on Starz.