“She’s a chameleon,” actress Hannah New told IGN of her Black Sails alter ego Eleanor Guthrie. “She adapts to survive.” Her father became one of the wealthiest men in the Bahamas by helping pirates smuggle, fence goods and loan money to finance their plundering operations, and Eleanor took over the family business and has remained a woman of considerable influence – until she is handed over to the British authorities and touches off a pirate rebellion. As beautiful as she is cunning, Eleanor brings a stunning sense of style to Nassau, and the custom-made brown leather jacket she wears on-screen (pictured above) in the second season of Black sails is now available to the fan who places the winning bid. Click here for photos and more information about Eleanor’s jacket and stake your claim today!





Back in the days before electricity, smartphones and the internet, back when ledgers, logs and manifests were vital to proper bookkeeping – whether a listing of pardoned pirates or patrons of Nassau brothel – a sturdy journal, good novel or encoded message was worth its weight in plundered gold. VIP Fan Auctions is offering several impressive journals featured on-screen in Black Sails, including the leather and cloth ledger used by Max (click here for photos and more information) in Season 2, Captain Vane’s second-season letter to Eleanor (click here), Rackham’s third-season hidden-message letter to Bonny (click here) and Flint and Miranda’s copies of Don Quixote and La Galatea (click here); and the sketchbook of Billy Bones (which includes two pages of sketches, click here); and a collection of novels (click here) from Captain Flint’s library. Click here to check out these and all of the available props and wardrobe items from Black Sails today!




As the wife of Homeland’s POW-turned-congressman Nick Brody, Jessica Brody’s (Morena Baccarin) world has been turned upside down more than once. During the second season of Showtime’s Homeland, political fundraisers and the spotlight weighed heavily as her husband ran for vice president. The role as political wife necessitated a high-quality wardrobe, including a blue V-neck Diane Von Fustenberg dress, Guess shoes and blue-and-silver broach (see above) worn on-screen in the second-season episodes “The Clearing” and “I’ll Fly Away.” VIP Fan Auctions is offering the outfit to the fashion-conscious Homeland fan who places the winning bid – click here for photos, more information and to get in on the bidding today! But hurry, this auction is ending soon.




Another of the Black Sails cast who first entered popular culture back in 1883 as a character in the classic novel Treasure Island, Billy Bones (aka William Manderly, played by Tom Hopper) is quartermaster of the Walrus ship. He is honest, loyal, brave and believes wholeheartedly in the righteousness of the pirate mission – and isn’t afraid to kill to further it. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the sword of this righteous pirate, featured on-screen in the third-season episode “XXVI.” The prop sword has been exquisitely crafted by the Black Sails props department for authenticity. It measures more than 30-in. long with a handle that is roughly 7-in. wide. Click here for photos, more information and to get in on the bidding today! This auction ends soon.




The legend of Long John Silver extends well beyond his iconic role in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Treasure Island – he has a parrot called Captain Flint and walks with a peg leg, among other features with origins in Black Sails – and he is no less cunning and colorful than in the novel’s television precursor. Beginning his pirate career aboard Captain Flint’s (the human, not the parrot) Walrus ship as an imposter cook, Silver continues to use his charm, lies, cowardice, intelligence and selfishness to benefit the person he cares most about: himself. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering fans of Black Sails (or pirate lore, in general) an opportunity to claim John Silver’s spyglass (pictured above), which is featured on-screen in the third season of Black Sails. The spyglass, created specifically for the Starz epic, is constructed of metal and leather – and the only one of its kind received from production. Don’t miss this opportunity – click here to get in on the bidding for this unique Black Sails prop today!




Black Sails has featured a Mt. Rushmore of pirate legends, including Long John Silver (Luke Arnold), Blackbeard (Ray Stevenson), Anne Bonny (Clara Paget), Charles Vane (Zach McGowan) and, of course, Captain J. Flint (Toby Stephens). VIP Fan Auctions is offering the screen-worn Black Sails wardrobes of each of these renowned characters, including Silver’s jacket, shirt, shoes and pants (click here for photos and more information); Blackbeard’s vest, pants, shirt and sash (click here); Bonny’s hat (pictured above) and boots (click here); Vane’s tunic and turban (click here); and Flint’s Royal Navy coat and hat (click here). To get in on the bidding for any of these – and more – wardrobe, props and weapons from Black Sails, visit the series’ auction page today!



Black Sails Season 3

The notorious pirate Charles Vane (Zach McGowan) has never shied away from using bullets, blades or cannonballs to take what he wants. The notoriously ruthless captain of the Ranger wields a brown-and-gold Queen Anne pistol in the third season of Black Sails, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering the screen-used prop weapon to the fan who casts the winning bid (click here for photos, information and to place a bid). Also available is Captain Vane’s screen-used dagger – designed for authenticity but constructed of soft-rubber for on-screen battles – destined for a Black Sails fan (click here). To check out all of the available Black Sails auctions, click here and claim a signature piece of a pirate’s life.




Homeland was a phenomenon from the moment it debuted on Showtime in 2011, and Damian Lewis’s Nicholas Brody was one of the most complicated, conflicted and compelling characters on television. The fascination with Brody’s secret life intensified when he first went to his shed for prayer, revealing his hidden tools of his faith – a prayer mat, silver bowl and Holy Qur’an. These landmark, screen-used pieces of television history are now available to the Homeland fan who places the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. Click here for photos of each piece and more information – and to place your bid on these key pieces of Homeland!




A spyglass is as vital to pirate lore as parrots, eyepatches and peg legs. The brown and silver spyglass used on-screen by the legendary Captain Flint (Toby Stephens, pictured above) in Black Sails is available to the fan who places the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. Though it may be impossible to see on television, engraved on the spyglass are the words “Orion Spotter” as eell as “Made by W. Ottway & Co Ltd, Ealing, London, No. 54850, British Made.” Don’t miss this chance to own this Black Sails prop, which has been meticulously designed for authenticity. Click here for photos, more information – and to place a bid today!

And if it’s a peg leg you’re looking for, click here for information, photos and to place a bid on John Silver’s screen-used peg leg!




A ruthless pirate sailing out of New Providence in the early 1700s, Captain Charles Vane (played by Zach McGowan) led the crew of the Ranger. In the epic Starz series Black Sails, Captain Vane is both a rival and ally to Captain Flint – at one time planning to steal his ship, and then rescuing him from the authorities. VIP Fan Auctions is offering Captain Zane’s screen-used sword (click here for photos and more information) as well as his custom-made leather coat perfect for sailing the high seas (click here for photos and information). Also available is Captain Zane’s complete pirate outfit, including his custom-made leather pants, scarf, vambraces, belt, boots and shirt (and not a puffy pirate shirt – click here for photos). Whether you are on of Black Sails legion of fans or simply need gear for swashbuckling, click here to see all of the available screen-used props and wardrobes currently available from Black Sails.