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Sex and the City‘s Cynthia Nixon has signed on to take part in the upcoming Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode reportedly inspired by the troubled Broadway production Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. TVLine reports that Nixon will play the star director of the show (titled Icarus, as reported here earlier) who spins out of control after a “sabotaged stunt results in the death of an actor on stage.”



The foibles of Broadway debacle Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark will reportedly be fodder for an upcoming episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. TV Line reports that while the Marvel Comics webslinger-turned-Great White Way superhero singer will not make an appearance, an upcoming episode will mirror the seemingly doomed production that has been plagued by technical glitches, cast injuries, budget overruns and generally villainous reviews. The musical featured in the L&O episode will reportedly be dubbed Icarus (a nod to the falling cast members, no doubt) and will focus on a “high-strung and larger-than-life” director and a rock-star composer named “Arno” (Bono wrote the music for the Spider-Man show).



Stop, or my mommy will shoot!

Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay has a new baby girl. The actress and her husband, Peter Hermann, reportedly adopted a daughter earlier this month, according to The newborn also has a bodyguard in her new 4 1/2-year-old brother, August.  “He is over the moon,” Hargitay told People. “He calls her his baby because he says the whole thing was his idea. He always talks about how he’s going to protect her. He’s going to be a great big brother.”



Jay Mohr is Winning!

Comedian Jay Mohr will reportedly play a Charlie Sheen-inspired warlock with Adonis DNA and tiger blood in an upcoming episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. TVLine reports that Mohr will play Nyle Brite – a lovable bad boy fashion designer with an unrepentant taste for drugs and partying with prostitutes (the episode centers on an apparent murder at one of Brite’s epic parties). The episode, titled “Rispetto,” airs later this season on USA. What do you think? Is this idea winning?



Rita Wilson coming to L&O: SVU

Hot on the heels of Rose McGowan’s swingin’ turn on Law & Order: SVU, another star has signed on for a guest appearance: Rita Wilson (It’s Complicated, Old Dogs). She will play the mother of a “seriously disturbed” child who is under investigation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The episode will air in May. WIth Law & Order quickly joining the ranks of The Simpsons, 30 Rock and the old Batman series as a showcase for guest stars, what has been your favorite bit of stunt casting? Bob Newhart on ER? Artie Lange in Entourage? Wil Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory? Jason Alexander in Star Trek: Voyager? We can go on forever!



Any resemblance to actual events or people are purely coincidental

In a story seemingly ripped from the headlines, Law & Order: Los Angeles will be filming an episode inspired by the shooting death of well-known Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen.  According to Entertainment Weekly, ”the episode revolves around the murder of another one of Hollywood’s image-producing agents – a stylist. The team quickly realizes that it was not a random crime but actually, a killing for hire.”



NBC calls a do-overLaw & Order: Los Angeles will return to the airwaves next month. The fate of the series seemed destined for the TV graveyard not long after its debut, but the network has given it a stay of execution after several “creative” changes, including an expanded role for Terrance Howard (as district attorney Jonah Baker) and Alfred Molina as a detective. Cc-stars Regina Hall, Megan Boone and Skeet Ulrich will no longer be with the series when it returns. “We are pleased to welcome Law & Order: Los Angeles back to NBC’s regular lineup,” said Bob Greenblatt, NBC entertainment chairman. “Dick Wolf and his team have made some exciting creative changes and we can’t wait to re-introduce the show to audiences.” The series will also have a new timeslot and night – Law & Order: Los Angeles will restart with a two-hour premiere on April 11 at 9 p.m. (eastern) and 10 p.m. thereafter.



Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan is reportedly filming a guest-starring role for an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. The actress, whose credits include Charmed and Quentin Tarrantino’s Grindhouse, will go head-to-head with Chris Meloni’s Det. Stabler. “Our episode is called “Bombshell,” and Rose McGowan is the ultimate bombshell,” the show’s executive producer Neal Baer told TV Guide. “Rose plays a grifter named Cassandra who strikes swinging men who frequent sex clubs. And we’re very excited to have her.” Do you think Rose McGowan will spice up L&O:SVU?