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The Gunslinger’s creed is haunting – aim with your eye, shoot with your mind, kill with your heart. It’s a dark promise made by grim men who have sworn to stand as the last line of defense between unrelenting evil and the worlds around them. And they protect The Dark Tower from wizards and beasts and devils with their revolvers ­– and old-school weapon in the timeless battle of good versus bad. Fans of The Dark Tower now have an opportunity to feel the weight of the Gunslinger’s pistol in their own hands as VIP Fan Auctions is offering two of Roland’s (Idris Elba) screen-used .45s. The first is a soft-rubber prop pistol exquisitely designed to look like the real thing on film, and the other is its hard-rubber twin – also crafted for authenticity with a bit a movie-making magic for the silver screen. Click here for photos and more information on each of these notorious revolvers, as well as all of the available props and wardrobe from The Dark Tower!



If you’re looking for a timely, authentic and unique Halloween costume this year, you can take a trip to Mid-World and try to raid the wardrobe of a Taheen Tracker – or visit The Dark Tower auction page at VIP Fan Auctions and get in on the bidding for one. The Taheen Trackers are the animal/humanoid hybrid henchmen of the Man in Black, and the screen-used costume (pictured above) includes a mask and headgear, hand wrap, scarf, jacket, pants, knee pads and shoes. Get in on the bidding for this piece of The Dark Tower history. To complete the ensemble, VIP Fan Auctions is also offering a Taheen Tracker holster harness with two machetes. Check out these and other screen-used props and wardrobes items from The Dark Tower – and join the bidding today!



Mid-world is full of dangers, and few creatures who inhabit the wasteland are as terrifying as the legendary “Lobstrocities.” You can hear them coming by their maniacal “Did-a-chick? Dum-a-chum? Dad-a-cham? Ded-a-chek?” and you’ll recognize them by their hideous form: part lobster, part scorpion, all slimy, hungry – and big, really big. In the film version of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, Lobstrocities are relegated to life in a large water tank at the Dixie Pig. VIP Fan Auctions, however, is offering one devoted fan a chance to own a Lobstrocity featured on-screen in the film. The creature is constructed of rubber, measures more than four feet in length and weighs roughly 150 lbs. Click here for information on bidding on this unique piece of Dark Tower history – and join the bidding today. This auction is ending soon!



Fans of Stephen King’s epic series The Dark Tower know the significance of Maerlyn’s Rainbow – a collection of 13 mystical orbs of different hues to represent the 12 Guardians of the Beams with the black orb representing the Tower itself. The orbs allow their users to peer between worlds – but beware: all are cursed. In the film version, Matthew McConaughey’s wizard holds them in his hair – but now VIP Fan Auctions is offering several of these infamous stone spheres to fans. Currently available is a pair of bluish-gray orbs (one is hollow) used on-screen in The Dark Tower. In addition, a pair of lighter-colored (orangish-pink) orbs are also available. Click here to see all of the available props and wardrobe items from The Dark Tower, and get in on the bidding for a piece of film and literary magic today!



“The Dark Tower is close, now. The Crimson King awaits. Soon Roland will raise the Horn of Eld. And blow,” tweeted author Stephen King back in May 2016, hinting at things to come in the long-awaited film adaptation of his classic book seres. The Horn of Eld holds tremendous significance in The Dark Tower – and in the film version of the epic tale, it serves as one of Hollywood’s coolest “easter eggs.” Legends tells us the horn once belonged to Arthur Eld, the ancient king from which Roland’s line of Gunslingers – as well as the wicked Crimson King – are descendants. It’s also key to allowing Roland to enter the fabled Tower. The on-screen nod to the Horn of Eld can be seen poking out of Roland’s (Idris Elba) satchel. VIP Fan Auctions is offering this amazing piece of movie – and literary – history. Click here for photos of the Horn of Eld – as well as Roland’s flask (also included in the auction), from which a thirsty Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) nearly gets himself shot while guzzling upon his entry to Mid-World! But don’t wait – this auction ends soon and Taheen Trackers are coming.



One of the most important drawings in Jake Chambers’ (Tom Taylor) sketch book is of the Dutch Hill Mansion (pictured) – a dilapidated old house in Brooklyn that holds a portal to Mid-World, as well as some very angry floorboards. It’s a pivotal moment in the Dark Tower when Jake turns to the Internet to learn the location of the house as he embarks on the journey to meet the Gunslinger (Idris Elba) and face-off against the wicked wizard Walter (Matthew McConaughey). The original Dutch Hill Mansion sketches featured in the film version of The Dark Tower are now available at VIP Fan Auctions to the fan who places the winning bid. Click here for photos and more information, and join the bidding on this pivotal piece of Dark Tower artwork today!



The Gunslinger shoots with his eye, aims with his mind and kills with his heart – and he has an awesome set of sidearms to make sure his bullets find his target. Several of the .45 revolvers used on screen by Idris Elba’s Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower are now available to fans of the film version of Stephen King’s epic tale at VIP Fan Auctions. Each of the pistols is constructed in slightly different ways for use on film, but all of them represent some of the finest gunsmithing in Mid-World. Click here to check out each of the guns and the rest of The Dark Tower props and wardrobe. Don’t miss this chance to claim a piece of one of the most-anticipated films of the century!




The horrifying minions of the evil wizard Walter (Matthew McConaughey) in The Dark Tower are more than just a vivid dream that Jake Chambers transfers to his sketchbook. Wearing suits made of human skin to keep Walter at ease and to blend-in with the humans – and children they abduct – these creatures are living nightmares. For fans of The Dark Tower, they can also be remarkable décor – VIP Fan Auctions is offering a collection of five of Jake’s sketches of the skin-wearing goblins, offering an up-close look at their “seams” and a bona fide piece of Hollywood history from the long-awaited film version of the Stephen King epic tale. Click here for more information and photos of the drawings – and place your bid today.



“I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.” Stephen King’s haunting creed of The Gunslinger shows that the pistol is more than a tool of the trade. It’s an extension of Roland’s (Idris Elba) hand, his mission and his survival as he stands as the last line of defense between the forces of evil and The Dark Tower. VIP Fan Auctions is offering one of Roland’s prop guns featured on-screen in The Dark Tower feature film. The pistol is constructed of hard rubber and crafted for authenticity with a brown handle, and silver barrel, trigger and hammer. For more information, photos and a chance to own one of the Gunslinger’s pistols, you need only to aim with your eye, shoot with your mind and click here to bid today.



Everyone thought there was something wrong with Jake. The vivid dreams that he translated to detailed sketches were chalked up to a vivid, deeply disturbed imagination. Fans of The Dark Tower know there is much more to the drawings – they offer a look into Mid-World at the very real monsters that lurk within it. inter-dimensional portals, monsters who wear second skins, wizards who will burn your loved ones to ashes – and a set of Jake’s most horrifying sketches featured on-screen in The Dark Tower are being made available by VIP Fan Auctions to the fan who casts the winning bid. More than 10 loose drawings (including several of Walter) from Jake’s wall and two of his sketchbooks (one blank, one with two drawings inside) are being offered. Click here to see the set of sketches and get in on the bidding for this piece of Hollywood art-history today!