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SG-1 is a landmark television series and a science fiction touchstone. The space epic aired for 10 seasons and 214 episodes, spawned three spinoffs (Atlantis, SGU and the animated Infinity) and continues to inspire a legion of fans. There is only one SG-1 fan, however, who will claim the poster that commemorates SG-1’s 200th episode – autographed by the cast – available now at VIP Fan Auctions. This amazing collectible features the autographs of Richard Dean Anderson, Christopher Judge, Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Claudia Black and Beau Bridges. Collect all of these autographs could take years – but you can have them all if you place the winning bid. Click here for more information and to place your bid today! Do not miss out on this opportunity!




The Stargate saga is truly epic. From the silver screen to the television screen, the announcement of each new chapter was a science-fiction event to be commemorated. To mark the debut of Stargate Universe, Syfy produced a promotional SGU hardbook featuring biographies of the main characters, a two-hour premiere episode DVD and – perhaps coolest of all – the cover powers up with working lights. Click here for more details and images, and place your bid today on this exceptional SGU collectible today!

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The Destiny is a masterpiece of television set design – and though it has long since been dismantled with the ending of Stargate Universe, fans have an opportunity to own a piece of the ship. Currently on the auction block at VIP Fan Auctions is a cog door lock (pictured above) from the center of one of the Destiny’s hatches. At roughly 12 inches in diameter, the blue and gold cog is a distinctive piece of the series that can be easily displayed. Don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of sci-fi history – click here for more information or to place your bid before the auction closes.




Other than passing through an actual stargate to board the Destiny, VIP Fan Auctions is offering the next best alternative to become totally immersed in Stargate Universe. A character and prop index from the show’s final season is now available. The binder (pictured above left), a tool used by the SGU production team to track historical data and maintain continuity in the series, is loaded with photos of SGU characters and their props. It is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of SGU history – and it will belong to you if you place the winning bid. Click here for more details and photos of the binder and its contents – and place your bid today.




The Stargate has become a bona fide science fiction icon. Featuring ornate glyphs and a massive size, the ‘Gate is a visual masterpiece of set design. VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans an amazing opportunity to own a segment of an actual screen-used ‘Gate featured on multiple episodes of Stargate Universe. The front of the piece features a chevron at the top and four unique glyphs panels (click here for photos, dimensions and other information) – and it has been mounted on pieces of black plywood for display and carrying purposes (check out what one creative fan, Stefan Z., did with his section of the ‘Gate, pictured above). Don’t let this rare opportunity get away. Place your bid now to claim your piece of science-fiction history.

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Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or just a really big fan of Stargate, VIP Fan Auctions is now offering several functional pieces used in the production of Stargate Universe and SG-1, including a photo continuity binder for the second-season SGU episode “Siezure” and the tenth-season SG-1 episode “Talion.”  These books are used to maintain continuity between takes and offer exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of the cast and sets. Both comes with a shooting schedule, script – and more. Do not miss your opportunity to own a piece of the production – place your bid today (the auction ends soon).

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Stargate fans have claimed a ton of amazing props through VIP Fan Auctions – but few have been as creative with their newfound treasure as Stefan Z. (pictured in inset). The proud owner of a section of an actual screen-used Stargate from the franchise says he spent about 20 hours to make each of the lights functional and convert into what has to be the greatest television stand in the universe (pictured above). If one motivated fan can turn a collectable into a functional piece of furniture, we can only imagine the creative uses you’ve found for your props from the Stargate franchise, Eureka, Terra Nova, Heroes and other great series featured at VIP Fan Auctions. If you’ve made good use of one of your purchases, feel free to send us a photo at And don’t forget to check out the current Stargate auctions available now!




Stargate fans are legion, and every one of them now has an opportunity to claim their own Destiny – at least a piece of it. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the distinctive door lock (with remote opener) featured on-screen in Stargate Universe. The lock was originally part of the ship’s hatch doors and, though it shows some signs of wear from production, it is an excellent piece of Stargate memorabilia for any fan. Click here to see more photos and information – and bid today!

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Wraith Drones are zombie foot soldiers from space that answer only to the commands of their Wraith masters. They are living nightmares that attack without mercy, judgment – or even expression (since they have no faces). Whether you collect science fiction memorabilia or simply want to dominate your local costume contests this Halloween, VIP Fan Auctions is offering the opportunity to own a genuine screen-worn Wraith Drone costume straight from the set of Atlantis. It features a mask and armor (click here for photos and details).

Of course, if you prefer a more heroic look, fans can also bid on a set of screen-worn Stargate Universe tactical gear, which includes a vest, helmet and Wiley-X sunglasses. Check out all of the Stargate wardrobe and prop auctions at VIP Fan Auctions!




The next time you encounter the Wraith, Goa’uld, Replicators, Asurans or any other hostile alien race from Stargate, you better be ready to defend yourself and the planet. Lucky for you, a cache of (prop) weapons has been discovered – and you have the opportunity to arm yourself against otherworldly attacks. Right now at VIP Fan Auctions, Stargate fans have the opportunity to bid on a variety of screen-used weapons created specifically for the series by the SG-1, Atlantis and SGU prop departments, including a machete, grenades, staff and a bow from SG-1, a slingshot and projectiles from Atlantis, and a proximity mine from the SGU episode “Malice.” And if things get too rough, there’s even a Lantean medical scanner featured in the “Runner” episode of Atlantis. Click here to see all of the great Stargate props and behind-the-scenes items now available… before it’s too late!