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Jacob Collins-Levy Reigns as Henry VII


Access Hollywood had the opportunity to talk with actor Jacob Collins-Levy early into his reign as Henry VII’s on Starz’s Sunday night drama The White Princess. He reigns during a time of unrest throughout the land, the newly-crowned king is ruling the kingdom from a place of fear.

“100 percent governing by fear, through fear,” actor Jacob Collins-Levy told when they asked him about how his character, Henry Tudor, is living and ruling ahead of Episode 2. “That’s exactly the place he’s moving from, I think. He’s completely out of [his] depth. He doesn’t know what’s going on.”

To prepare for the role Jacob read two biographies of the monarch as well as studied portraits of Henry Tudor.

“There were two that I looked at mainly – one of him when he was young, when he was the Earl of Richmond, and the other one when he was 50, maybe. Not long before he passed, so maybe late 40s,” Jacob told Access when they caught up with him again on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Starz’s “American Gods.” “And you kind of compare those two and try and come up with a kind of physical appearance of him and the way he moves and stuff just from what you can see depicted.”

Jacob also praised the costume designer, Phoebe de Gaye for helping him get fully into character. The costumes were integral to getting into the headspace of the monarch – from fitted armor, to the gigantic coronation robe.

“The entire costume helps you get into character,” Jacob said. “It makes you feel of the period and it makes you feel like the individual, it makes you feel like the character. So, I always find that stuff a blessing. It can be uncomfortable, but you kind of use that.”

The White Princess airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on Starz.




England is fractured, and it will take a royal wedding of mortal enemies – and all those “traitors” who fought against the Tudors to pledge loyalty to Henry VII – to repair it. As the vanquished King Richard’s heirs are delivered to Westminster Palace in London to stand before Henry and renounce their claims to the English throne, VIP Fan Auctions was busy claiming the flags adorning the Westminster great hall (pictured above) to offer to fans of the Starz miniseries The White Princess. Currently available are the Lion and Fish Crest flag as well as the John De La Pole House Crest flag (each measures nearly 6×6-feet). Claim a piece of royal television history – click here for photos and information on all of The White Princess auctions now available and join the bidding today!



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