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Producer/director/actor Peter Berg, who brought Friday Night Lights to television and will direct the big-screen continuation of the series, says he will reprise his role as real estate mogul – and Tami Taylor’s ex-boyfriend – Mo McArnold. Berg told Digital Spy that the character, who appeared in the second-season episode “May the Best Man Win,” will be “madder and richer than ever.” The Berg-directed Battleship, the big-budget action film based on the popular board game, hits theaters May 18. The film also stars FNL alum Taylor Kitsch. Fans of the series still have an opportunity to own a piece of Friday Night Lights by bidding on wardrobe items worn on-screen by the cast.…

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In a series retrospective, Sports Illustrated/CNN’s Bryan Armen Graham contributed his list of 10 Greatest Moments in 5 seasons of ‘FNL’. The following is an excerpt…

FNL was more than a high school soap opera about a football team from the fictional town of Dillon, Texas. It was an unflinching look at a town where sports touches everything, offering a tableau of Middle America with a realism and introspection seldom seen on network TV.
Shot in Austin in real-life locations rather than antiseptic soundstages, often with hundreds of locals populating the fringes as extras, the show benefited from a rare authenticity.…

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This week’s auctions provide an absolutely unbelieveable opportunity for fans of ‘Friday Night Lights’ looking to own a piece of the show’s history. Auctions close somewhere around midday (check your local time zone) Tuesday, August 2nd.

On the block this week are two items that I’m shocked aren’t attracting more attention.

The Dillon Panthers state championship shadowbox was auctioned once before. The buyer had second thoughts and sent it back. The familiar white #1 Panthers jersey is mounted in a large wood-framed shadow box along with a special oversized game ticket. Coach Taylor, Tim Riggins, Smash Williams and Matt Saracen won the state championship in a year when the team watched their highly recruited starting quarterback Jason Street laying paralyzed on the field in the season’s first game.…

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Friday Night Lights fans…here is an opportunity to pick up a truly unique collectible package from one of television’s greatest dramas.

Up this week at vipfanauctions.com is a set of tickets to Coach Eric Taylor’s (KYLE CHANDLER) two state championship games. The first, as coach of the Dillon Panthers came in Season 1. Tim Riggins (TAYLOR KITSCH), Matt Saracen (ZACH GILFORD), Smash Williams (GAIUS CHARLES) and the Panthers defeated the West Cambria Mustangs on the game’s final play. Then, in Season 5, Taylor led the East Dillon Lions to victory over the Hudgins Hawks, also on the game’s final play.

This package includes one ticket to each game.…

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And the nominees are…

Congrats to Friday Night Lights. The drama, whose final episode airs Friday July 15, was nominated for Outstanding Drama, along with ‘Boardwalk Empire’, ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Mad Men’, ‘Dexter’ and ‘Game of Thrones’. For ‘FNL’, this is the show’s 10th Emmy nomination overall. It’s only win was for Outstanding Casting in 2007.

Also nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series are Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton as Eric and Tami Taylor.

Chandler, who plays East Dillon High School football Coach Eric Taylor, is up against Michael C. Hall of ‘Dexter’, Steve Buscemi of ‘Boardwalk Empire’, Jon Hamm of ‘Mad Men’, Hugh Laurie of ‘House’ and Timothy Olyphant of ‘Justified’.…

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Friday’s series finale of the critically-acclaimed series Friday Night Lights appears to be just the beginning. Throughout five seasons, the show has struggled for an audience. It was nearly cancelled three different times. Fortunately, the show continued through a partnership between NBC/Universal and DirecTv.

As we draw toward the series finale airing Friday, the show (which struggled on a brief run on ABC Family) is getting legs on cable once again. Tuesday (opposite MLB’s All-Star game), cable giant ESPN aired the first two episodes of the series during prime time. They will broadcast an ‘FNL’ marathon beginning Thursday July 14th on ESPN Classic.…

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One of the coolest items we’ve ever offered up for auction came from ‘Friday Night Lights’. In the week that one of American television’s greatest dramatic series airs it’s final episode, we offer a set of 4 state championship tickets…the East Dillon Lions versus the Hudgins Hawks.

Nevermind that this game never actually took place. It’s the journey that matters. It’s the climb from obscurity for the two-year old Dillon Texas stepchild, the East Dillon Lions. It’s redemption for Coach Eric Taylor, who was pushed out just one season removed from a Texas HS state championship as head coach of the Dillon (now West Dillon) Panthers.…

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The following is part of a July 14th column by the Chicago Sun-Times Richard Roeper.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

If you know what that means, you know one of the best dramas in the history of television reaches its broadcast TV conclusion this Friday night.

Like “MASH,” “Friday Night Lights” is that extremely rare television adaptation that’s even more memorable than the book and the movie that preceded it. For the last five years, this series has outperformed the vast majority of movies I’ve seen. At times it has achieved the level of true modern art.

“Friday Night Lights” hung its story lines on small-town Texas football, but the games themselves were often the least powerful moments.…

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“Just supporting a couple of friends…”
that’s how LaMarcus Tinker’s acting career began. Three young actors from Houston paid 33.50 each for bus tickets to Austin. Two had roles as extras in the NBC drama FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. The third just thought it sounded like a cool ‘road trip’.

The three arrived a day early for the first day of shooting. They had no food, no place to stay and no transportation to the shooting location. So, LaMarcus Tinker and his two friends sat down under a tree outside the bus depot and wondered what to do next.

LaMarcus made a phone call to an old theater teacher.…

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