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Orphan Black’s Cosima Niehaus (played by Tatiana Maslany, of course) is a Northern California girl studying Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology in Minnesota. She’s also one of the best friends a clone could ask for – and one of the most popular members for the Orphan Black “sestrahood.” VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans of the series an opportunity to claim some signature pieces of Cosima’s wardrobe – including her trademark glasses (labeled “Old Cosima” by production) and her fake ID (Cosima’s photo with Ava Jaubowski’s information) used in the fourth-season episode “Human Raw Material.” The Orphan Black auction page also has several of Cosima’s outfits – including the shirt (pictured above), pants and Uggs slippers worn during Season Two; and the purple coat and pants she wears on-screen in the fourth-season episode “From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths”; and Cosima’s traditional Ukranian outfit (shirt, skirt, boots, belt and headpiece) from the third-season premiere. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of the groundbreaking series Orphan Black – click here and get in on the bidding today!



When Noah Hawley decided to bring the quintessential black comedy Fargo to the small screen, it didn’t take long to show that he was expanding the Fargo universe in a way that only complemented the brilliant and beloved Coen Brothers film. With the third triumphant season of FX’s Fargo complete – in which Ewan McGregor took on the dual role of rival brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy, VIP Fan Auctions is offering distinct props and wardrobe items from the series to fans. Currently available is the tuxedo (pictured above, right) worn by Ewan McGregor in the third-season premiere as Emmit “The Parking Lot King of Minnesota” Stussy. The formal attire includes a white tuxedo jacket, black pants, bow tie, cummerbund, cufflinks, shoes and button studs (click here for photos and size information). Also available is Emmit’s glass desk globe, his leather briefcase and Emmit’s screen-worn robe/pajamas/slippers. Click here to see all of the available Fargo auctions and claim your piece of this quirky television masterpiece today!



Orphan Black’s Dr. Aldous Leekie (played by Matt Frewer) was the face of the Neolution. As the well-funded head of the DYAD Institute, he dared to dream big – without letting ethics stand in his way. VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans of Orphan Black a chance to claim a piece of Dr. Leekie’s office décor straight from the DYAD Institute. The silver sculpture from his office (pictured above) is now available to the Orphan Black fan who casts the winning bid – click here for additional photos and more information. Don’t miss this chance to decorate your own space with a distinctive piece of art from Orphan Black!



To ensure his safety, Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell (Robert Knepper) handcuffed himself to Michael Scofield during the daring escape from Fox River Penitentiary in the first season of Prison Break. Like so many of T-Bag’s idea, however, the plan backfired when a fellow escapee took an axe to T-Bag’s wrist, setting in motion a complication that would plague T-Bag for years to come – until he is fitted with a robotic hand courtesy of the mysterious “Outis” in this year’s Prison Break revival. Now VIP Fan Auctions has gained control of T-Bag’s new and improved hand and is offering the robotic prosthesis to the fan who places the winning bid. It’s also a piece of television effects magic that can be worn over a perfectly functional hand. Click here for photos and more information, and claim a piece of the most notorious member of the Fox River 8 today!



Royalty has its privileges – including glittering gold and precious gems. Case in point: The elegant ring left to Elizabeth of York (Jodie Comer) from the Dowager Queen Elizabeth in The White Princess episode “English Blood on English Soil.” VIP Fan Auctions is offering the screen-used prop ring – gold-colored metal with a blue stone (two of the rings are currently being offered). Click here for photos and more information (and click here for the second ring), and get in on the bidding for this precious piece of royal jewelry today!

To view all of the available props and wardrobe auctions from The White Princess, click here!



Inside the Dyad Institute, biotechnological research knows virtually no bounds – scientific or ethical – and its specialty is cloning. Dyad researcher Delphine Corimer (played by Evelyne Brochu), however, becomes conflicted when she is assigned to get close to Cosima Niehaus, but ultimately falls for the clone – and dedicates her work to finding a cure for her girlfriend’s illness. VIP Fan Auctions is offering Orphan Black fans an opportunity to own Dr. Corimer’s Dyad lab coat worn on-screen in seasons two and three (as well as her watch and earrings from season three – click here for photos and more information). Also available is her Dyad Institute ID (pictured above), access and swipe card featured on-screen in multiple episodes (click here). To see all of the available Orphan Black props and wardrobe items currently available, click here and claim a certified original piece of the clone saga today!



When the executioner’s axe falls in the finale of the White Princess, it changes the course of history and how Lizzie will forever be viewed. It’s a startling, shocking plot twist in the episode aptly titled “Old Curses” – and paved the historical way for her sadistic son, Henry VIII, to adopt a vicious habit of beheading his wives. Without venturing into the spoiler-alert arena, VIP Fan Auctions is offering the infamous executioner’s axe (pictured above) featured on-screen in The White Princess in both the finale ad the episode “English Blood on English Soil” (click here for photos and more information). It’s a grim yet pivotal prop from the epic story – and it can be yours if you cast the winning bid today. But don’t lose your head – the axe is falling on this auction soon – so click here and act quickly!



Orphan Black is one of the most ambitious – and flat-out coolest – shows on the airwaves with breakout star Tatiana Maslany dazzling fans and critics by playing multiple roles with multiple personalities as Sarah Manning, et al. Now in its final season, Orphan Black props and wardrobe items are being made available to fans at VIP Fan Auctions. Currently available is Maslany’s production-used wig for fan-favorite Helena (click here for photos and more information), as well as the character’s Brooks Brothers sweater, Under Armour sweatshirt, Joe Fresh pants and Tarantula shoes worn in the fourth-season episode “Transgressive Border Crossing” in which Helena learns she is pregnant with twins (click here to see the outfit). Get in on the bidding for a piece of Orphan Black today – click here to see all of the available auctions!



The White Princess miniseries on Starz brings viewers back to the sights, sounds and intrigue of a divided 15th century England, during which brutal battles for the throne were waged between the rival royal houses of York (symbolized by a white rose) and Lancaster (symbolized by a red rose). When the forces of Henry Tudor ultimately defeated the Yorks to claim the throne and unite the country, a new symbol of a burgundy rose enveloping a white rose was born to symbolize the union. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a Tudor white/burgundy rose flag (pictured above, behind the throne) and dragon flag featured on-screen in The White Princess. Each banner is more than two-feet wide and nine-feet long – click here for photos and more information. Also available is a set of six green glass goblets featured on-screen in The White Princess (click here for photos and more information). Don’t miss this chance to seize your own piece of the throne – click here to see all of the available props and wardrobe items from The White Princess today!



When Henry Tudor’s troops defeated the army of King Richard III, the last Yorkist king, at the Battle of Bosworth Field, he ended the War of the Roses and took his place as King Henry VII. His marriage to Elizabeth of York united England and gave rise to The White Princess – a remarkable miniseries period piece on Starz. VIP Fan Auctions is offering Henry’s (played by Jacob Collins-Levy) royal outfit worn on-screen in multiple episodes of The White Princess. The wardrobe includes the king’s custom-made black robe, pants and jacket, as well as his leather boots. Don’t miss this opportunity to claim a wardrobe literally fit for a king – click here for photos and more information, and join the bidding today!