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The Style of Magic City

The Magic City Auctions start November 12th! To get a preview of the items being auctioned you can check out this video that features some of the beautiful wardrobe items from the show! Most of the items are custom made by the wardrobe department to emphasis the glamorous 1959 Miami Beach look of the show. Be sure to check out the auctions at



Jack Coleman, who played Noah Bennett– also known as an employee of The Company and also Claire’s father – on Heroes will be resurfacing on The Vampire Diaries this fall. “Coleman will play Bill, a former resident of Mystic Falls who returns home with a dangerous point of view about vampires,” according to TV Guide. Ironically, Ashley Crow, who played Bennett’s wife on Heroes, has also been cast in a CW series, which, like The Vampire Diaries, is executive produced by Kevin Williamson. To won a piece of Heroes screen-used wardrobe item or prop – including Isaac Mendez artwork, Peter Petrelli’s sketchbook or other one-of-a-kind items from the series – check out VIP Fan Auctions and place your bid today!



The Vampire Dentists

What happens when vampires go to the dentist? According to the latest parody by Hilly and Hannah Hindl – the sisters behind the Hillywood Show – it leads to a musical send-up of The Vampire Diaries (set to Lady Gaga’s “Teeth”) that is chock full of blood, fangs… and cavities. The short film opens with Damon and Stefan Salvatore lookalikes nervously waiting for a check-up and winding up in a trippy series of familiar scenes while under anesthesia. Check it out here and let us know what you think!




There's gonna be a new vamp in town

The Vampire Diaries’ vampiest vamp of them all, Klaus, will make his long-anticipated debut on April 21, according to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello. British actor Joseph Morgan will play the ancient bloodsucker –and deranged leader of “The Originals” who helped topple the Roman Empire. “We do not know anything about him other than that he’s to be reckoned with and that no one’s going to be safe when he gets to town,” TVD executive producer Julie Plec told last month about the search for Klaus. “How he gets to town, when he gets to town, what he looks like when he gets to town — that’s all part of the mystery.”



Act out scenes from your favorite TVD episode!

If the only thing standing between you and complete happiness is a miniature Damon or Stefan Salvatore on your shelf (or Elena Gilbert), the Tonner Doll Co. has some fantastic plastic for you. Unveiled this week at Toy Fair 2011 in New York, The Vampire Diaries limited edition dolls are highly detailed replicas complete with signature wardrobe and styles. No other TVD characters are in the mix just yet, but with a price tag of $160 each, this expensive set isn’t for casual fans.



Joseph Morgan

British actor Joseph Morgan is thisclose to signing a deal to bring the legendary vampire Klaus to “The Vampire Diaries,” according to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello. The 30-year-old Morgan has primarily appeared in British film and television, but American audiences have seen him in Oliver Stone’s Alexander and Russell Crowe’s Master and Commander. Do you think Morgan will be a good choice, or would you rather see fellow Brit Piers Morgan play a vampire?



To steal a phrase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “The Big Bad is coming” – but this time, the vampire that will make Vlad the Impaler look like a Girl Scout is headed for Mystic Falls. For fans of “The Vampire Diaries,” the arrival of Klaus – one of the original vampires – has been long-awaited, but series executive producer Julie Plec told TV Guide that her vision of the character continues to evolve. “It’s exciting to see a lot of new faces and try to figure out who we want that character to be and what kind of attitude we want him to have, what kind of charm we want him to have,” she says. “That character is evolving even as we cast because we see a lot of things that we like and we think, ‘Ooh, that’s interesting. What an interesting take on the character.'” What’s your vision of Klaus, and who should play him?



Paul Wesley ready to meet the fans!

For the first time in North America, a fan convention dedicated to “The Vampire Diaries” will be held March 25-27 in Atlanta – near where the series is filmed. Dubbed “Eyecon,” the convention has so far confirmed appearances by Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) and Rob Pralgo (Mayor Lockwood), who will sign autographs, pose for photos with fans, attend dinner with a group of lucky fans and attend a masquerade ball. Tickets went on sale Wednesday, Dec. 29, at the Eyecon website. What cast member of “The Vampire Diaries” would you like to meet?