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A&E Networks UK Will Air Starz ‘Black Sails’


A&E Networks UK has acquired the exclusive linear TV rights in the U.K. and Africa for Starz’s Black Sails, which will play on History. The acquisition marks the first A&E Networks U.K. deal with Starz. The series has a large U.K. presence with a strong cast of U.K actors featuring Toby Stephens in the lead role and captain Flint. It will premiere on History this summer. The other U.K. cast members include Hannah New, Tom Hopper and Clara Paget. This acquisition follows the success of the epic drama Vikings on History in the U.K. In 2014 it was the channel’s highest ever rating series, drawing an audience of 2.1 million viewers.

Rachel Job, director of programming for History at A&E Networks U.K., said: “’Black Sails’ is a thrilling drama with a treasure trove of colorful characters that really brings to life a remarkable and provocative period of history. Following the huge success of ‘Vikings,’ we are really pleased to bring viewers another premium drama to History.”


Vikings Season 3 “Born Again” Promo

Vikings Season 3

Vikings will be welcoming to new members in episode 6 of season 3 titled “Born Again”, which is scheduled for Thursday, March 26. The episode will include Princess Judith of Northumbria (Jennie Jacques) and freed slave Porunn (Gaia Weiss) will give birth to their children, but with new life there will also be death.

Meanwhile back in Kattegat, preperations for the Paris raid are picking up and Rolo (Clive Standen) will ponder the Seer’s (John Kavanagh) prophecy about his destiny. Also, Kalf (Ben Robson) will arrive in Kattegat to join the raid. In the meantime, the Viking fleet will sail up the Seine adnw ill catch a glimpse of Paris, a place they have never seen quite like it. The Seer has already revealed how the Paris raids will conclude and according to him, not the alive but the dead will conquer it. So expect more bloodshed and in action in the next episode and it should be quite the battle for the rest of the season as they sail to a new dangerous land, West Francia.




There may be no one better suited to live a magical, immortal life to its fullest than Wendy Beauchamp (played by Madchen Amick). The stunning Witches of East End beauty, however, had her timelessness cut short when her father banished her from Asgard and cursed with only nine lives. As any fan of Witches of East End knows, Wendy wears an enchanted pendant that tracks her lives – its gems remain green until she reaches her ninth life, at which point it turns red and, ultimately, black upon her final death. In the care-free, immortal days of Asgard, however, the stones were blue (pictured above) – and VIP Fan Auctions is now offering the blue gemstone necklace she wore on-screen in the magical realm. Featured in the second-season episode “The Old Man and the Key,” Wendy Beauchamp’s blue gemstone necklace is now available to the fan who casts the winning bid. Click here for photos, more information – and to claim your piece of Witches of East End immortality today!




Just in time for spring break, the pink Eres swimsuit and orange-and-white Seaton shorts worn on-screen by Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders, pictured above) are now available to the How I Met Your Mother fan who casts the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. The beach wardrobe was featured in the third-season episode “The Platinum Rule” (referring to Barney’s rule to “Never ever, ever, ever love thy neighbor;” i.e., never date anyone you see on a regular basis) as Robin was wind-surfing with fellow TV newscaster Curt “The Ironman” Irons (played by Hayes MacArthur) in a flashback of her breaking the Platinum Rule. Don’t miss your chance to hit the beach with your own piece of How I Met Your Mother – click here for photos and to bid today!




Assembling your personal robot army begins with the building of the first scout. For the fortunate CHAPPiE fan with dreams of world domination, VIP Fan Auctions is offering pieces of a robot torso created for CHAPPiE by the digital-effects powerhouse WETA. The auction includes arms, legs (bare-bones right thigh and calf), groin, hip, torso and chest components (click here for photos of each piece and more information). VIP is also offering a Tetravaal assembly-line robot arm with a moveable wrist and elbow. Build your own CHAPPiE – click here to get in on the bidding today!




Attention special-effects fanatics: VIP Fan Auctions is offering the head of a WETA-created Tetravaal robot scout from Neill Blomkamp’s latest film, CHAPPiE. Made of metal, the robot cranium’s circular sides are removable to provide access to the interior of the unit. If you’ve ever dreamt of tinkering with state-of-the-art special effects – or have an idea for staging a futuristic version of Hamlet and need a head to play poor Yorick – click here to get in on the bidding. This is the only robot scout head received from production, so don’t let this opportunity get away – click here for photos and more information!


Exploring the Technology of Chappie


Tony Bradley of ‘Forbes’ looks into the interesting technology that went into creating a movie like Chappie. He compares it to a mixture of Short Circuit and Robocop. Furthermore, the film has a similar combination of a robot gaining consciousness like Johnny Five in Short Circuit with the questions of the ethics of having a full out robotic police force like in Robocop. He saw the movie and enjoyed it as well as thorough attention to the character’s detail.

Forbes had the chance to speak with Chris Harvey, visual effects supervisor for Chappie, about the effort that went into making the robot come to life on screen. CGI (computer generated imagery), is nothing new as far as movies go. In fact most movies have it in them in some degree at least, but there are a few aspects of creating Chappie that stands out as unique. Harvey, has worked on many science fiction blockbusters such as Journey to the Center of the Earth, TRON: Legacy, and Fantastic 4:Rise of the Silver Surfer, so he has a lot of experience to handle a movie like Chappie. He explained that Chappie was unique because he was the main character of the movie. The scope of effort involved in making a computer generated lead actor is daunting.

Another movie with extensive computer generated effects was James Cameron’s Avatar. Avatar used motion capture to create digital frames of actor’s movements. Chappie, on the other hand, did not use this method. The visual effects team created all the motion from scratch. It was an even further challenge to create the character that wasn’t organic. Chappie is a humanoid robot constructed of metal and wires. The production team also had to address the issue of creating emotion and connection with the audience without normal facial expressions or eyes. Whatever they did do, worked.


You could connect to Chappie, and you could feel the passion and emotions associating with the struggle an artificial intelligence becoming sentient. An interesting note from the movie is that it felt very real; in a way reality isn’t that far off from the world created in the movie. The team also spent time with the UCLA robotics lab and robotics expert Dr. Dennis Hong. Dr. Hong said we aren’t far off from creating a robot like Chappie. We have systems in place that are capable of making a robot with the ability to think and make decisions. Although, he stresses we’re nowhere close to building a robot that is actually self-aware. Check out the film to see Chappie in action and then check out the Chappie auctions to possess a piece of the movie.




The Gardiner grimoire holds many ancient spells, many written by legendary warlock/cult leader Archibald Browning. Left to Dash and Killian Gardiner (played by Eric Winter and Daniel DiTomasso) by their late mother, Penelope, the book of spells was kept hidden in the attic floorboards at Fair Haven. Larger than the Beauchamp grimoire, the Gardiner’s screen-used book features a wooden, hinged cover and numerous pages of spells and diagrams – and it’s available to the Witches of East End fan who casts the magical bid at VIP Fan Auctions. Click here for more information, photos and to place your bid today!


“Chappie” Movie Auction Preview

Take a look at the upcoming “Chappie” Movie Auction items that will be featured in the Official “Chappie” Movie Auctions, featuring screen used props and wardrobe items from Neill Blomkamp’s latest movie.

View current “Chappie” Movie Auction Preview at www.chappieauction.com.




There are few threats as unnerving as a red-hot poker being brandished by a menacing madman. It’s a recurring theme in film and television from Cecil B. DeMille’s Samson and Delilah to Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, it’s the trope that keeps on terrifying. Witches of East End also used used it to perfection in the first season episode “A Few Good Talisman” (pictured above) – and VIP Fan Auctions is offering the fan who conjures the winning bid to bring home their very own glowing-hot fireplace poker. There is a bit a Hollywood magic mixed in with this ominous tool – it’s actually the remote-control hot poker used in the episode, which is battery activated and features a wireless light dimmer for all the scares without the scars. The auction also includes a creepy hair-doll talisman. Click here for photos and more information, and claim your piece of TV visual effects today!