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Inspirational, heartwarming and patriot, Max is the summer movie that offers the trifecta of feel-good emotion – and Hollywood’s top new four-legged hero. The tale of a military dog from Afghanistan who is adopted by the family of the Marine who trained and fought alongside him, Max is destined to be a timeless classic – and VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans a chance to claim a piece of the film. A number of screen-worn wardrobe items and props – including dog tags, watch and flask – are now available to whoever casts the winning bid. Click here to see all of the available pieces and stake a claim to Max today!




The trademark red soles of a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes are unmistakable and a focal point of many a fortunate wardrobe. VIP Fan Auctions, however, is upping the designer-shoe ante by offering a pair of Louboutins worn on-screen by Piper Perabo’s Annie Walker – the best-dressed CIA agent ever – in the hit action series Covert Affairs. The Paris-made black leather, spike-heeled pumps (size 8) are stunning pieces of craftsmanship and come in their original box. Click here for photos and more information of the Louboutins and place a bid to walk a mile, literally, in Annie Walker’s shoes! But act fast – this auction ends soon.




It takes a special woman to fall in love with a bear – but Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth) is no ordinary gal. Then again, Ted is no ordinary bear. Somehow these grocery store co-workers click, and when true love blooms, Tami-Lynn and Ted become civil rights icons. A lucky fan of the happy couple now has an opportunity to claim a major wedding favor of Ted and Tami-Lynn’s historic union in the form of the bride’s wedding dress! The white-and-pink dress and veil comes with Tami-Lynn’s fingerless gloves, hoop earrings and pink shoes worn on-screen in Ted 2 (pictured above). Don’t miss your chance to claim a major piece of the summer’s funniest film – got to VIP Fan Auctions or click here for more information, photos and to place your bid today. This auction is ending soon.




Piper Perabo’s Covert Affairs alter ego Annie Walker has chic tastes. From her Versace sunglasses to her Prada backpack, she is a CIA agent who stands out in a crowd. Whether that is a good quality for a federal agent who spends a good deal of time undercover is debatable, there’s no question that Annie’s fashion-forward thinking is giving fans of Covert Affairs an opportunity to capitalize on her high-end wardrobe. VIP Fan Auctions is offering her screen-worn sunglasses, backpack – as well as her Gucci suit, Alexander Wang purse, Martin Margiela boots – and much more at the Covert Affairs auction page. Don’t miss your chance to score a piece of Piper Perabo’s wardrobe – click here and get in on the bidding today!




The Tick is one of the greatest, most offbeat superheroes of all time. The comic and cartoon were hilarious. The live-action series is a cult classic – and thanks to Ted 2 writer/director Seth MacFarlane, Patrick Warburton reprises his role as the Tick (sort of) in Ted 2 at the climactic New York Comic-Con scene. “I knew it was going to be fun,” Warburton told Yahoo TV about donning the blue suit (even if it isn’t quite as cool as the original sculpted outfit). “Every now and then someone will come up to me and they’ll have Tick tattoos. That’s awesome to see. That show was the most fun I’ve had doing anything.” VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans the opportunity to own the Tick costume worn in Ted 2 by Warburton (reprising his Ted role as Guy) – complete with blue bodysuit, shoes, shorts and antennae (you’ll have to make your own codpiece). Click here to see the costume and get in on the bidding today! Spoon!




Ted 2 doesn’t simply mark the return of everyone’s favorite R-rated bear (Seth MacFarlane) and his thunder buddy, John (Mark Wahlberg) – it also marks the triumphant return of hard-partying Flash Gordon star Sam Jones (as his awe-inspiring self). VIP Fan Auctions is offering Jones’ screen-worn Flash Gordon costume from Ted 2 – including his shirt, belt, spandex pants and boots. Don’t miss your chance to claim a true piece of Hollywood history from an ’80s icon in the funniest comedy of 2015.

And to see all of the available Ted 2 props and wardrobe auctions, click here and get in on the bidding today!



As the groundbreaking Showtime drama Nurse Jackie prepares for its series finale, VIP Fan Auctions is offering a number of signature props and wardrobe items from the show. And while no one is sure how Edie Falco’s maddeningly lovable addict will be discharged when the proverbial curtain closes on All Saints Hospital, fans can lock-down a lasting piece of the production by casting a winning bid on items that range from the Saint Agatha pendant give to Jackie by Dr. Cooper to a set of Jackie’s screen-worn scrubs. To see all of the screen-used Nurse Jackie items from a variety of characters – before they say goodbye to television forever – click here today!




For a government employee, Covert Affairs’ Annie Walker (played by Piper Perabo) has expensive taste in fashion. VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans an opportunity to sample the lifestyle of a CIA agent, however, by offering some of the designer pieces Annie’s screen-used gear, including her red leather Prada handbag, her Tom Ford sunglasses (pictured above) and her black Burberry London dress. To see all of the available Covert Affairs wardrobe items, click here and get in on the bidding today!


Covert Affairs Auction Launch

Covert Affairs Auctions Launch
This Week, VIP Launched the Official Covert Affairs Auctions featuring screen used wardrobe and prop items from all 5 Seasons of USA Network’s Covert Affairs.  VIP is honored to be able to offer the chic agent apparel of the amazing Covert Affairs Cast to fans.

Annie Walker’s (Piper Perabo) wardrobe features designers such as Givenchy, Burberry, Valentino, and Prada. The shows costume designer, Trysha Bakker, says that Piper Piper Perabo’s character was her favorite to dress on the show. She combined Piper’s own personal style to create Annie’s iconic look. The auctions also include items from Christopher Gorham (Auggie Anderson), Kari Matchett (Joan Campbell), Peter Gallagher (Arthur Campbell), Nicholas Bishop (Ryan McQuaid) and Anne Dudek (Daniel Brooks) and the rest of the cast. The auctions offer new items every week and are available at www.covertaffairsauction.com.

Here is a preview of some of the incredible Covert Affairs items are available. Be sure VIP on Twitter or Facebook to receive updates and news on Covert Affairs and other auction news.


About VIP Fan Auctions:
VIP is the largest seller of official studio direct Hollywood memorabilia. Since 2002, VIP has offered television and movie memorabilia from Hollywood’s largest entertainment studios including Universal Pictures, ABC Studios, NBCUniversal, Twentieth Century Fox, SyFy, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Showtime Network, Starz Entertainment, HBO, Lionsgate, USA Networks, Relativity Media and Media Rights Capital.  VIP’s weekly auctions can be found at www.vipfanauctions.com.




Dr. Fitch Cooper (Peter Facinelli) hasn’t always been the most compassionate, appropriate or competent physician at All Saints Hospital, but Nurse Jackie’s former E.R. chief always had an impeccable sense of style. The pinnacle of style, of course, is the classic black tuxedo, and Coop’s screen-worn Gucci tux, Hugo Boss tie, Paul Stuart silk scarf and cufflinks are now available to the fan who casts the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. Whether you’re a fan of Facinelli or just want to look sharp, click here for photos and more information!