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Last Days of Pompey


Legendary Roman general Gnaeus Pompey Magnus (played on Rome by Kenneth Cranham) is focused on recapturing past glory in a final stand against his former protégé Julius Caesar. Though he is ultimately defeated, he never loses Caesar’s respect. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the magnificent Roman military uniform Magnus wore on the series (pictured above). It is a truly remarkable piece of wardrobe; it includes Magnus’s leather with metal armor and pauldrons, pants, focale, tunic, wrist cuffs, greaves and wraps – all custom made for and worn on-screen during the first season of the HBO epic. Click here for your last chance to own this amazing uniform – the auction is ending soon!



Herod the Great was known in ancient Rome as a murderous madman and evil genius; on the HBO series Rome, Herod (played by René Zagger) held true to the legend and seeks the assistance of Marc Antony to ascend to the throne of Judea in the second-season episode “Death Mask.”  VIP Fan Auctions is offering Herod’s elaborate screen-worn costume, which includes Herod’s robe, hat, tunic, shoes, cuffs, necklace, rings and belt. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a distinctive piece of wardrobe from one of television’s greatest epics. Click here to see photos and more information – and get in on  the bidding today!



One of the heroes of Rome, Lucius Vorenus (played by Grey’s Anatomy’s Kevin McKidd) is a soldier who served in Julius Caesar’s 13th legion who is dispatched to retrieve Caesar’s lost Aquila (eagle statue carried into battle). When he retrieves the standard – and rescues Caesar’s nephew along the way – his career is soon fast-tracked while his personal life takes brutal turn. Vorenus is a truly fascinating character based on a historic figure of the same name – and VIP Fan Auctions is offering his custom designed silk tunic, wrist cuffs, leather sandals, silk gilet and belt. Click here to see photos and more information about the wardrobe items – and click here to see all of the available Rome props and wardrobe featured on-screen in the HBO epic.



Don’t try lying to Steve “Jinksy” Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) – not only will he know that you’re lying, but if the lie is egregious enough, he’s also liable to blast you with his customized Tesla gun. Named for its inventor, Nikola Tesla, the ray gun is the standard weapon of choice for Warehouse 13 agents, but VIP Fan Auctions is now offering Jinks’ screen-used Tesla (with “Jinksy” written on the side; pictured above) to the fan who places the winning bid. The Tesla itself is a stunning prop (pun intended) created by the Warehouse 13 props department. Click here for more information and to take your chance at owning this phenomenal piece of TV history – just be careful where you point it!





Diehard viewers of The X-Files’ conspiracy-chasing FBI agent Fox Mulder might think aliens have had to reprogram David Duchovny to play Californication’s debaucherous author Hank Moody, but seven seasons on the Showtime series has only cemented Duchovny’s reputation as an incredibly versatile leading man. Part man-child, part devoted father, Hank is a complicated figure, and his career as a successful writer provides him with enough time on his hands to get into trouble. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering fans of Californication an opportunity to claim a piece of the hit series – including the shirt and pants Duchovny wore on-screen during the first-season episode “Absinthe Makes the heart Grow Finder.” Click here for photos and more information – or visit VIP’s Californication page to see all of the available items from the series!



VIP Fan Auctions has just released a number of amazing props and wardrobe items from the HBO series Rome. Fans have the opportunity to own the military regalia worn on-screen by Roman legend Marc Antony (James Purefoy), as well as the scroll and parchment he used during the second season of Rome. It’s the green tunic and cuffs worn by fan favorite Titus Pullo (pictured above, played by Ray Stevenson) that is certain to be a hot commodity. Click here to see all of the available Rome items and place your bid on an epic piece of television history today!

Warehouse 13 Wishes for the Finale Season

Warehouse 13 CastUnfortunately after five seasons, Warehouse 13 is coming to an end. The final six episodes are a long time coming, since the last episode aired was July 8th, 2013. So many shows get cancelled and are left to scramble to wrap up  the series, but in the case of Warehouse 13, Syfy is doing it right, with the fans in mind, by letting the writers end the story with a hopefully satisfying ending. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about the show ending, so all we can do is have fun with the last six episodes and hope this series as well as Eureka did. Here is a list tvequals.com put together of four wishes for the final season.

The first wish is to not kill anyone off. The writer would rather have them send the characters sent to another dimension then killed off in the slight hope that they could come back and continue the show. Even wishing that they cure Myka’s cancer; they have saved the world several times how hard could it be to save one.

The second wish is make Claudia Donovan the caretaker of Warehouse 13. Claudia’s main foe Paracelsus will give her a run for her money, but she will triumph. Although, Claudia has a sister named Claire, who is apparently very dangerous and the writer expects her to have a major role in the upcoming season.

The third wish is they stick together. They are a team and need each other to succeed and it would help to imagine they are still out there saving the world. The last wish and most expected is the zaniness. With zaniness brings the life out of the characters and them all play well off of each other.

TVequals.com’s last request is more great artifacts, more trouble and a lot of snide comments. Stayed tuned for the final season starting April 14th at 9PM ET it should be a season you should definitely not miss.

Check out the full article here and please add your own wishes to the list.

The warehouse 13 artifact and wardrobe auctions are going on now at www.warehouse13auction.com courtesey of NBC and Syfy for the fans.



It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest weapons fo all time: The Goo Zooka.Featured in the fourth-season Warehouse 13 episode “Instinct,” the Goo Zooka is constructed from an old RPG launcher, but its shells are filled with a special, pressurized type of goo that can neutralize haywire artifacts from a distance – with a 20-foot blast radius. Click here to see photos of the Goo Zooka and more information about this sludge-firing blaster created exclusively for Warehouse 13!



In Greek mythology, Daedalus is known for creating wings made of feathers and wax for himself and his son, Icarus, to escape from his captors. Ultimately, Icarus flew too high, and the heat form the sun melted the wax base of the wings, sending him plummeting to earth. Daedalus’s wings remain intact, however and have been preserved for centuries in Warehouse 2 – and, fittingly, used by Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) and Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) to escape it. When worn, the feathery artifacts generate their own lift and wind, allowing the wearer to soar. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering the wings, which were featured in the second-season episode “Reset (Part 2),” to the winning bidder. Click here for photos and more information on this unique prop – and place your bid today.



VIP Fan Auctions is offering Robocop fans the ultimate opportunity to own their own Omnicorp EM-208 – at least the key components of the Army android. Created specifically for the film by the Robocop props team, the screen-used EM-208 head, torso and legs are available to the fan who casts the winning bid.  You will, of course, have to secure your own solar-powered O cells to animate the machine – and if you are successful, please don’t tinker with the machine’s biorhythmic “ally/threat” recognition assessment. That never turns out well for anyone. Click here for photos of the EM-208 components – and place your bid today. Don’t be the last one on your block without one!