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Despite its star power and provocative plot, Mind Games didn’t connect with an audience as big as it deserved. The short life of the series, however, cannot be blamed on its wardrobe department, which dressed stars like Christian Slater and Jamie Ray Newman in timeless fashions from top labels. And while Mind Games may be gone, some of the best pieces of its wardrobe remain – and is available to fans at VIP Fan Auctions at some amazing prices. Currently available is Sam Gordon’s (Newman) Hugo Boss suit and shirt and Ross Edward’s (Slater) Reda suit, Diesel shoes and Armani Collezioni shirt. Click here to see all of the available Mind Games auctions and get in on the bidding now!




When Ted married his beloved Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), it was a watershed moment for human/stuffed-animal relations – and it deserved a rockin’ wedding reception. For fans of the film or fans of the big band sound, VIP Fan Auctions is offering two of the wedding band’s horns – a coronet and a trumpet, each with mouthpiece and carrying case – featured in the film. Click here to see all of the available Ted 2 props and wardrobe items, including the instruments and – for fans of true love, Tami-Lynn’s bridal bouquet is also available! Don’t miss your chance to claim a piece of Ted 2 today – click here and get in on the bidding!




The therapy group on Anger Management is an eclectic bunch of characters, none more politically incorrect than Barry Corbin’s Vietnam veteran Ed. This crusty old curmudgeon’s anger issues hit everyone equally, however, but his always-handy flask (pictured above) helps him (and his therapist Charlie) take the edge off of uncomfortable situations. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the screen-used flask, as well as Ed’s duffle bag and glasses featured on the series, to the fan who casts the winning bid. Click here for more information and get in on the bidding today – it may be the closet you ever come to tipping back a drink with Hollywood legend – and Anger Management star – Charlie Sheen!



Star Trek (NBC) 1966 - 1969 Shown from left: Leonard Nimoy (as Lt. Cmdr. Spock), William Shatner (as Captain James T. Kirk)

Ted 2 provided a Who’s Who of pop-culture icons – even if it wasn’t always the original actors on-screen. The key players of Star Trek were no exception, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering their screen-used accessories, such as Captain Kirk’s Starfleet badge, vintage phaser gun and communicator. The site is also offering everyone’s favorite Vulcan’s tricorder, communicator and two phaser guns straight from the set of Ted 2. Don’t miss your chance to claim these phenomenal props left behind after the worlds of Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2 and classic Star Trek collide (there’s also a Patrick Warburton Tick costume from the movie). Click here to see all of the available Ted 2 auctions and place a bid today!




Quirky-yet-cool and thrilling-yet-cerebral, Mind Games had all the makings of a hit TV show. And with Christian Slater as a con-man and Steve Zahn as a bipolar ex-psych professor – who also happen to be brothers – it had star-power and interesting characters. Sadly, Mind Games slipped off the television schedule a month after it first aired, but fans of the series, its stars or its stylish wardrobe have an opportunity to keep a piece of Mind Games for themselves. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a number of screen-worn, designer wardrobe items from the series, including a John Varvatos jacket, a pair or leather Frye boots, a wool Club Monaco coat (pictured above) and a pair of single-breasted sport coats (Theory and Paul Smith) worn by Christian Slater. These auctions are ending soon, so click here to see everything that’s available from the Mind Games set and grab yourself a piece of clothing with an interesting backstory!




Armani, Varvataos and Hollywood – three words that are pure Charlie Goodson and three shirts that Charlie Sheen wore on-screen as Anger Management’s lothario therapist. VIP Fan Auctions is offering to check out a set of three designer shirts worn by television’s top wild man – including a John Varvatos gray-and-white plaid button-down, a navy blue Armani Collezioni button-down and a super-stylish black-and-tan Hollywood short-sleeve shirt from Delta. Click here to see photos of all of the shirts and place your bid on a winning piece of Hollywood history!

To see all of the available Anger Management wardrobe items, including additional designer shirts worn on-screen by Charlie Sheen in the FX comedy Anger Management, click here!


Feeling Optimistic About Fargo Season 2



It’s always a difficult undertaking to adapt something from the big screen to the small and very few have succeeded, but it seems especially foolhardy in the case of Fargo. When FX announced their plans to turn the movie into a series, many people had their doubts. Who other than Frances McDormand, after all, could portray pregnant cop Marge Gunderson with such sincerity and competence? Who other than William H. Macy could nail the sniveling, sinister cowardice of Jerry Lundegaard? And perhaps most importantly, who could master the darkly humorous sinister tone of the film other than the Coen brothers themselves? As it turns out, Noah Hawley could.

The mastermind behind the Fargo TV series managed to dispel my fears by the end of its brilliant, fearless pilot. He didn’t try to copy the original story he developed it into more of a companion piece, linked by tone, season and general locale – plus one minor plot element that only briefly comes into play. Also, the new iterations of the iconic characters pay suitable homage to their inspirations while taking on lives and stories of their own – a difficult balancing act to pull off. Lester Nygaard’s plot is particularly fascinating for how far the series takes his transformation, well beyond anything even implied with Lundegaard in the film. Hawley pushes his characters and plotlines into bold new places with each succeeding episode, building a stellar cast of characters both three dimensional and humorously simple-minded in fitting with the Coens’ satirical version of small-town Minnesota.

Originally intended as only a miniseries, Fargo has been picked up for a second season, only tangentially related to the first. The show is poised to become an anthology series in the vein of True Detective. With Hawley at the helm again, it’s okay to be optimistic of the future of Fargo. The second season begins October 12.




Lauren Graham’s unforgettable turns as Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls and Sarah Braverman in Parenthood have made her one of the most likable – and bankable stars – on television, and her film career is following suit. As Pamela Wincott in the heartwarming family film Max, about a dog who helped Marines in Afghanistan and is adopted by his handler’s family back in the U.S., the actress offers another genuine performance. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a piece of her filmography in the form of the Eddie Bauer sweater and dress she wore on-screen in the film (pictured above). Click here for photos and more information, and place your bid on a screen-worn outfit worn by one of Hollywood’s top actresses!




A lot of famous pop-culture characters passed through the Comic Con in Ted 2, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering the best of their props to the fans who cast the winning bids. Currently available are two sets of faux Star Trek accessories featured on-screen in the hit comedy, including the vintage Tricorder, phaser gun and communicator used by “Mrs. Spock” and the next-generation communicator and phaser used by “Captain Picard.” Don’t miss your chance to own one or both of these pieces of Hollywood history! Click here to see all of the available props and wardrobe items from Ted 2 and get in on the bidding today!




There may never have been an on-screen pairing as perfect as Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen in Anger Management. Both were setting tabloids ablaze with their wild behavior, and Anger Management capitalized on it in the hilarious second-season episode “Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan Into Trouble.” The actress, playing a version of herself, hires Charlie to be her anger-management therapist on the set of a Japanese commercial shoot for “Happy Whiskey Chew Gum” (pictured above). Rules are broken, paparazzi are summoned and hilarity ensues. VIP Fan Auctions is giving one fan an opportunity to get in on the Sheen-Lohan fun by offering the Christian Dior designer sunglasses Lindsay Lohan wore on-screen during the episode – as well as her cell phone cover and two packs of Happy Whiskey Chew Gum! For photos and more information, click here – and grab a piece of Anger Management while you can!