As the final curtain closed on Friday Night Lights, Chicago Sun-Times columnist and film critic Richard Roeper praised the quality of the remarkable series and likened the TV incarnation of the story to another groundbreaking series, MASH, which was also preceded by a book and film.”Like MASH, Friday Night Lights is that extremely rare television adaptation that’s even more memorable than the book and the movie that preceded it,” Roeper wrote in a column titled “Friday Night Lights was about so much more than small-town football” on July 13. “For the last five years, this series has outperformed the vast majority of movies I’ve seen. At times it has achieved the level of true modern art.” He added: “Through the seasons, Friday Night Lights dealt with issues ranging from class warfare to drug addiction to abortion to murder, almost never devolving into soap opera. There were more than a dozen characters that could have carried their own series, from Zach Gilford’s Matt Saracen to Adrianne Palicki’s Tyra to the Riggins brothers to Buddy Garrity, played by the invaluable Brad Leland.” Hopefully, we’ll see these characters again someday.

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