Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker

When Jeremy Renner was announced as Tom Cruise’s co-star in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, it was more than just another role. In fact, Renner will reportedly take over as the franchise’s star. “It’s a franchise to potentially take over. I can’t predict the future and what they want, but that’s certainly the idea,” Renner told “I can’t really go into the details of the script, because that’s still evolving. It’s Tom [Cruise’s] baby. He’s the engine behind the thing. What happens after that, we’ll see.” While it remains uncertain whether Renner’s character will take over for Ethan Hunt in this installment, fans can look forward to more intrigue, actions – and amazing stunts – for years to come.  What do you think – will Mission: Impossible mirror the James Bond franchise and go on indefinitely?