“I loved to dress Dr. Nicholas Rush, played by Robert Carlyle,” says Stargate Universe’s costume designer Valerie Halverson in an exclusive interview with the VIP Fan Blog. “He really appreciated that costumes helped define his character. Because he had such a great personal style, it was always fun to come up with a costume for him. There is an interesting story about how his original costume came to be: Robert arrived in town for his first fitting and as we had had some dialogue he was prepared for what I had envisioned him wearing, which was a layered costume. It included pants, a short-sleeve T-shirt with a vest and a suede jacket. As Robert arrived in jeans he had just kept them on, which we realized was a much better look than the pants I had made for him. I then explained that I had wanted to make a beautiful lining for his vest, and what I came up with was piecing together silk to look like the surface of a planet. Robert embraced this idea so much that he had me make some pockets in the lining for his pencil and notepad, and we both knew that the fans would be seeing it every episode. It was an homage to the sci-fi genre.”

Another piece of Dr. Rush’s wardrobe – the Marines uniform he wore on-screen during Stargate Universe’s second season finale, “Gauntlet,” just came up for auction at VIP Fan Auctions. And if you’re a fan of the good doctor, his chess board ­– featured in the episode “Seizure” is also available to the highest bidder. Check out these and other Stargate Universe items at VIP Fan Auctions today!