Dressed to kill

Were you such a big fan of Dollhouse that you’re waiting for the opportunity to be imprinted with the psyche of series creator Joss Whedon just so you can watch more episodes play out in your head? If so, then you undoubtedly remember the second-season episode “Belle Chose,” in which Echo is programmed as a college co-ed (for a professor who wants to be seduced by a student) while Victor imprinted with the serial killer persona of a favored family member of one of the Rossum Corporation’s kingpins – and then, complete with homicidal tendencies, busts out of the house. Well, you can own a piece of “Belle Chose” – a skirt worn on-screen by Eliza Dusku (see photo) – if oyu;re the top bidder (click here to check it out). The auction ends APril 5.