Eureka Finale

Eureka signed off Monday night with “Just Another Day” – a bittersweet series finale loaded with wormholes that took fans back to the alternate timeline of the first season – and explores an alternate-world relationship between Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield). When Syfy abruptly canceled the series, writers had a fraction of the time to come up with a satisfying ending. “I told everybody, ‘Let’s try to look at the positive side of this: We were given a chance by the network and studio to wrap this up on our terms,” series creator Jaime Paglia told “So let’s go into this last episode as positively as we can and really make it a celebration instead of a funeral.'” Mission was accomplished!

While Eureka may be gone, fans still have an opportunity to keep a piece of the show with them. VIP Fan Auctions is still offering screen-used props and wardrobe items straight from the set – including a set of Astraeus polo shirts, a set of Global Dynamics visitor badges and access cards – and even a pair of Global Dynamics house-arrest bracelets featured in the first season finale “Once in a Lifetime.”

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