Okay FNL fans…here it is…a 20 question quiz. We’ll publish the answers in a few days. If you answer them all right, let us know. Best o’luck…

1. Who are the only two characters to be in both the movie and the television series?
2. Who played the Panthers coach in the 2004 film, Friday Night Lights?
3. Which cast member majored in theater at Northwestern University?
4. What jersey number did Smash Williams wear?
5. The book, Friday Night Lights, chronicles the 1988 season of the Permian Panthers. Permian is located in what West Texas city?
6. Which FNL regular was on a team that won the Texas state high school football championship?
7. Which Season 5 actor now appears in commercials for Lowe’s?
8. Who played Tami’s former boyfriend in the Season 2 episode, “May the Best Man Win“?
9. What is the name of Landry Clarke’s garage band?
10. What former NFL star has appeared in 11 episodes, playing a reporter?
11. Which FNL regular was discovered while supporting two friends auditioning as extras?
12. Who played Gary Hobson in the CBS show, Early Edition?
13. Who wrote the 1990 book, Friday Night Lights?
14. Who did Dillon defeat in the state championship game in Season 1?
15. What are Grandma Saracen’s favorite cookies?
16. Who was Coach Taylor’s offensive coordinator until suffering a heart attack and being replaced by Wade Aikman?
17. What sport did Tyra Collette play?
18. What is Jess Meriweather’s aunt’s name?
19. After graduation, Matt Saracen delivered pizzas. Where did he work before that?
20. Where do the Panthers play their home games?

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