You’ll see several FNL alumni making guest appearances throughout Season 5. The first episode opens with Landry Clarke (JESSE PLEMONS) and his band, Crucifictorius, practicing for their final end-of-the-summer show in Dillon. In episode 1, the loveable redhead is preparing to leave for college. He says his goodbyes and we say farewell to a supporting character since Season 1. In his five seasons on FNL, Landry has evolved from the awkward friend of the equally awkward and improbable QB1, Matt Saracen (ZACH GILFORD) to legendary status…kicking a game-winning field goal and dating Dillon hotties Tyra Collette (ADRIANNE PALICKI) and Jess Meriweather (JURNEE SMOLLETT). He also has worn some odd T-shirts including, “The Many Faces of Chuck Norris” and our favorite, “The Periodic Table of the Elements”, a must for any chemistry buff. Find Landry Clarke prop and wardrobe items at