One of the most memorable episodes of Heroes’ second season, “Cautionary Tales” (episode 209) finds Claire’s world in a state of upheaval. Her dad wants to get the family out of town because he fears The Company has located them, Mohinder wants her blood, and fly-boy West Rosen wants answers about whether she’s been sent to spy on him (after all, Claire’s father did abduct him). If those weren’t enough problems, Claire also has a pep rally to prepare for at school.  For hard-core Heroes fans, the cheerleading uniform (pictured above) she wears on-screen throughout this pivotal episode is now available to the highest bidder at VIP Fan Auctions. The site also has a number of other Heroes wardrobe items available, including several items worn by Sylar, a suit and trench coat worn by Peter Petrelli and Claire’s leather jacket. Check out the auctions today to bid on a piece of Heroes history.