Jack Bauer under arrest

There’s not much that can stop Jack Bauer, but a team of police officers with guns drawn can slow him down. At least that’s what FBI mole Sean Hillinger (played by Rhys Coiro) thought when he issued an arrest warrant for Bauer to keep him off the trail of fellow traitor Erika as she was en route to meet with their real boss, Col. Ike Dubaku. While it was ultimately Hillinger who was arrested, the warrant issued for Bauer was created by the 24 props department for the series – and it’s now available to a die-hard fan looking to own a piece of television history. To get in on the bidding, ViewItem&item=160562875217&refid=store” target=”_blank”>click here. Another cool document from the series now available is the CTU “deceased” file on Audrey Raines (click here). The auctions end March 29.