Who will lead us?

Fans were thrilled to hear that AMC renewed “Mad Men,” but the critically acclaimed series may be returning without the creative force behind it. “Mad Men” creator Matthew Wiener has yet to sign a contract to return for the fifth season, according to a Jan. 23 report by Entertainment Weekly. While Wiener told the magazine he is not looking for a new job, he and the studio that produces the series, Lionsgate, are both still negotiating with AMC.

“I’m dying to go back to work,” Weiner told Entertainment Weekly. “But the truth is I don’t even know what [AMC and Lionsgate’s] plans are. We have not started writing. I am not back at work. My contract expired.  They are fighting over a very lucrative property, and who is going to pay for it to get made; it’s one of the biggest perils of success — everyone wants a piece of it now and they are fighting over who is gonna get the biggest chunk.”