During an interview with Deadline.com to mark their 25 years together as two of Hollywood’s most prolific producing partners, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer were asked to recall their first memories of various television series – which include Friday Night Lights, Arrested Development and 24 – and films – which include Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind and 8 Mile – their company, Imagine Entertainment, has produced. When asked what he remembers most about 24, Grazer said: “Kiefer Sutherland and how not only did he play Jack Bauer more successfully than anyone else could have, but proved himself to be a surprisingly talented television producer who took charge and demonstrated taste and discipline. And we’re working on that 24 feature.” He did not mention the other hotly anticipated TV-to-film adaptation, Arrested Development. For your own memories of 24, check out screen-worn wardrobe items (including a bunch of things worn by Kiefer Sutherland) and props from the series at VIP Fan Auctions.