Bauer hospital
It’s not uncommon to see Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) beaten, bloodied or facing certain death, but seeing him in a hospital bed seems… too human. But that’s where the roughest, toughest CTU agent on the planet spent the final minutes of 24’s seventh season (between 7 -8 a.m.) clinging to life, but resigned to the fact that this might be the end of it. It was a powerful scene (Kim Bauer arrived without a cougar) and a memorable cliffhanger, which makes the hospital scrubs Jack wore during the final minutes of the season all the more epic. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the hospital duds to one serious 24 fan who wins the bidding war when the auction comes to a close on June 21. Check out the details of the auction and place your bid on this piece of television – no, make that American – history.