Heavy is the head that wears the crown, which places a premium on comfort – particularly in private moments around the royal boudoir. For The Royals’ conniving Queen Mother Helena (Elizabeth Hurley), comfort can take the form of her silk and lace nightgown (pictured) worn onscreen in the fourth-season episode “My News Shall Be The Fruit To That Great Feast” (click here for photos and more information) or the purple modal robe tucked away in her closet (click here for photos and more). Queen Wilhelmina’s (Genevieve Gaunt) tastes tend toward pure silk, as evidence by her elegant silk grey robe and beige nightgown worn during the series finale, “With Mirth in Funeral and With Dirge in Marriage” (click here for photos and more information). Always one with a flair for the unusual, Prince Cyrus’s (Jake Maskall) red-and-black kimono worn on-screen raises the bar on style and comfort (click here for photos and more information). Check out all the regal nightwear featured on The Royals at VIP Fan Auctions and claim your own piece of monarchical loungewear for your own kingdom today!