Parks and Recreation - Season 5

There are a few things we know about the upcoming final season of Parks and Recreation. For one, we know the cast will be in a 2017 version of Pawnee, with a time jump after Season six, as well we have a great guest star cast. Still, as we wait for the mid season debut, we have no clue where our favorite characters will end up after the 13-episode season. So, TV Line asked the cast, “What’s your ideal ending for the alter ego you play on TV?

Some provided some funny answers and others were fine with where there character was going. Nick Offerman that plays Ron Swanson would like him to be killed by a grizzly bear.

Aziz Ansari who plays Tom Haverford would like his character just to be able to fly in a private jet for 15 minutes, that’s all he asks for.

Retta who plays Donna Meagle wants a private island full of very buff men handling all her business.

Aubrey Plaza who plays April Ludgate would like to see Andy and her character move to Guam and have 20 children, but she is realistic and knows this will not happen.

Amy Poehler who plays Leslie Knope and Adam Scott who plays Ben Wyatt went on a humorous rant about fake spoilers and crazy endings that may make some of you out there think.

Leave your comments on how you would like the season to end and how to wrap up every characters story.