Back in the days before electricity, smartphones and the internet, back when ledgers, logs and manifests were vital to proper bookkeeping – whether a listing of pardoned pirates or patrons of Nassau brothel – a sturdy journal, good novel or encoded message was worth its weight in plundered gold. VIP Fan Auctions is offering several impressive journals featured on-screen in Black Sails, including the leather and cloth ledger used by Max (click here for photos and more information) in Season 2, Captain Vane’s second-season letter to Eleanor (click here), Rackham’s third-season hidden-message letter to Bonny (click here) and Flint and Miranda’s copies of Don Quixote and La Galatea (click here); and the sketchbook of Billy Bones (which includes two pages of sketches, click here); and a collection of novels (click here) from Captain Flint’s library. Click here to check out these and all of the available props and wardrobe items from Black Sails today!