As the cast and crew of Friday Night Lights lines up for the series’ final Hail Mary pass to win an Emmy on Sunday night, executive producer Peter Berg spoke with The New York Times’ ArtsBeat reporter Jeremy Egner on Sept. 14 about his thoughts on (finally) receiving a nomination in the outstanding drama category – and how the show evolved through its five-year run. Berg told the newspaper that, after five season, there was nothing he wasn’t able to do in the series – and that he was pleased to be able to see characters graduate.

“One thing I was happy about was our ability to graduate the actors and bring in new actors,” Berg told The New York Times. “We knew we couldn’t have Tim Riggins playing high school football for 10 years. I thought we did a pretty good job of that and that gave me confidence that we could have kept going. I would have been happy if the show was still on the air and we could’ve gone for a Round 3, but it’s not the way it worked out.”

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