Mark Cooper of Edinburgh, Scotland, will attempt to set a world record for the longest run on a treadmill – 161 miles – in one day. To do it, Cooper plans to have CTU agent Jack Bauer to keep him company by watching a complete season as he puts one foot in front of the other. “I’m going to use all the tricks and ideas I can come up with to try and get through,” Cooper told the Scottish website STV. “One of the tricks I’m going to use to actually get through it is I’ve got every episode of 24 for one series, so in 24 hours I should just be able to watch the whole series and that’ll be me at the end on Friday night.” Cooper, 28, an elite runner who ran 50 marathons across Europe in 56 days last year, will also reportedly be raising money for Funding Neuro, a charity dedicated to funding research for neurological disorders. The current record holder is Arulanantham Suresh Joachim who ran 160.24 miles on a treadmill in Canada in 2004. Check out 24 auctions (including a complete set of scripts from Season Two) at VIP Fan Auctions.