Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane says that while making Ted (click here to visit the official site, TedIsReal.com) – the hotly anticipated, R-rated feature film he wrote, directed and provided the voice for Mark Wahlberg’s all-grown-up teddy bear – there was one classic comedy that he kept in mind as he was making the film.

“Ghostbusters is a movie that we looked to often during Ted’s production process, because it’s a movie that essentially takes place in the real world; New York City is presented as New York City and the characters are all very realistic, but there’s this one element that’s completely unrealistic,” he told Complex.com’s Matt Barone during a June 5 interview with the website (click here for the entire interview). “By keeping everything else very grounded, they earned that. You don’t have wacky characters in a wacky situation—you have grounded and real characters and one wacky situation for them to deal with.”

And there are few situations wackier than the premise of Ted – the story of an 8-year-old boy who wishes his beloved teddy bear (voiced by MacFarlane) could really talk to him. Magically, the wish comes true, and, fast forward 27 years, the duo are still best friends, drinking beers, chasing women and living together (Mila Kunis also stars in the film). The comedy hits theaters June 29 – and prop and wardrobe auctions from the Universal Pictures film are coming soon to VIP Fan Auctions.