Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg have collaborated on several films in recent years focusing on true stories of heroism and tragedy – Deepwater Horizon, Patriots Day, Lone Survivor. Their fourth feature film, Mile 22 (now in theaters), allows them to cut loose in a pure action adventure about a team of CIA operatives charged with retrieving a person with deadly information. “For Peter and I, this is our idea of a good time, just going out and having fun,” Wahlberg told Us magazine. “Boys being boys — with some badass girls.” As he notes, Mile 22 is also a film that features a team of powerhouse women, including The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan and MMA legend Ronda Rousey (The Expendables 3, Furious 7) – and VIP Fan Auctions is offering wardrobe worn on-screen by both in Mile 22. Now available is Lauren Cohan’s jacket, shirt, sweatshirt, pants and jewelry (including production notes, click here for photos and more information) worn in multiple scenes. Also available is Ronda Rousey’s battle-worn outfit that includes her vest, shirts, pants, belt and gloves (pictured above, click here for photos and more information). Join the bidding now to claim a screen-used piece of Mile 22 – click here to jump into the fray today!