Stargate fan Claire Cowan’s quest to fit into a uniform once worn on-screen by actress Amanda Tapping – who played Col. Samantha Carter on Stargate Universe, Atlantis and SG-1 that she purchased several years ago. Cowan, 45, reportedly vowed to slim down to fit into the uniform. “The costume was made to measure for Amanda but I couldn’t fit into it, so I decided to lose weight to get into it,” she told London’s Daily Record. “I would sit on my exercise bike watching box sets of Stargate. That was my motivation.” Now you can also own a piece of your favorite Stargate star’s wardrobe thanks to VIP Fan Auctions – including the Icarus suit worn by Col. Young (played by Louis Ferreria), a military uniform worn by Eli Wallace (David Blue) – and the flight suit worn by Col. Carter (Amanda Tapping) in SGU’s first season episode “Incursion” part 1. And in case you’re thinking of starting your own Stargate exercise regimen, wardrobe sizes and other information are listed at VIP Fan Auctions!