Al Bundy recaptures his glory days at Polk High

“Glee’s” Emmy Award-winning cheerleading coach Jane Lynch has been engaged in a fictitious war of words lately with “Modern Family” star Ed O’Neill (who, in our minds, will always be Al Bundy from “Married… with Children”). According to E! online, a report by the TV Guide Canada website claimed O’Neill called Sue Sylvester a “one-note character” and, therefore, didn’t deserve her Emmy. (O’Neill’s “Modern Family” co-star Sophia Vergara was also nominated).

Turns out, O.Neill was misquoted by the website – which has issued an apology.

For her part, Lynch took the high road when the erroneous quote was brought to her attention by E! online. The “Glee” star’s representative reportedly told the website via e-mail: “Thanks for being repulsed, [b]ut let it go, that’s what we’re doing.”

O’Neill also told the Entertainment Weekly website: “I absolutely never said, nor do I believe that Jane – whom I think is an enormous talent – was undeserving of the award. I reached out to her yesterday to ensure she knew I’d been misquoted but I wanted to clear this up publicly as well.”