Bees can be deadly, nurturing and, above all, necessary to growth. It’s only fitting that Eleanor Guthrie (played by Hannah New) – who wields great influence in Nassau and can make or break a pirate crew – should wear a bee around her neck in Black Sails. The custom-made necklace and charm (pictured above) is worn on-screen by Eleanor during the fourth season of the Starz pirate epic, and it serves as a reminder that while beautiful, she can also pack a deadly sting. Don’t miss your chance to claim this unique piece of Black Sails bounty by clicking here for more information, photos and to join the bidding today!



“She’s a chameleon,” actress Hannah New told IGN of her Black Sails alter ego Eleanor Guthrie. “She adapts to survive.” Her father became one of the wealthiest men in the Bahamas by helping pirates smuggle, fence goods and loan money to finance their plundering operations, and Eleanor took over the family business and has remained a woman of considerable influence – until she is handed over to the British authorities and touches off a pirate rebellion. As beautiful as she is cunning, Eleanor brings a stunning sense of style to Nassau, and the custom-made brown leather jacket she wears on-screen (pictured above) in the second season of Black sails is now available to the fan who places the winning bid. Click here for photos and more information about Eleanor’s jacket and stake your claim today!