As the wife of Homeland’s POW-turned-congressman Nick Brody, Jessica Brody’s (Morena Baccarin) world has been turned upside down more than once. During the second season of Showtime’s Homeland, political fundraisers and the spotlight weighed heavily as her husband ran for vice president. The role as political wife necessitated a high-quality wardrobe, including a blue V-neck Diane Von Fustenberg dress, Guess shoes and blue-and-silver broach (see above) worn on-screen in the second-season episodes “The Clearing” and “I’ll Fly Away.” VIP Fan Auctions is offering the outfit to the fashion-conscious Homeland fan who places the winning bid – click here for photos, more information and to get in on the bidding today! But hurry, this auction is ending soon.




With Stargate Universe wardrobe and props auctions set to debut Tuesday, July 19, VIP Fan Auctions caught up with Valerie Halverson, franchise’s talented – and incredibly creative – costumer designer to talk about her role in creating the look and feel of Stargate Universe and other series in the SG world.

VIP: How did you get into costume design?
Halerie Halverson: I started sewing my own clothes in high school as I wanted something unique. That led me to design school and I started my own company with a private clientele, eventually being asked to design for a local clothing store. When that ended I was ready for a new challenge and talked to a friend in the film industry. Not knowing what I was getting into I started at the ground floor, sewing moccasins and learning breakdown and worked my way up to Costume Designer.

VIP: Can you describe the design process when a new season launches and you find yourself reading a script with entirely new characters whose wardrobes you have to create?
VH: It really is exciting to read a script, get a feeling for a character, and then talk to the writer and director about their concept. My job is to interpret their vision – as well as the actor’s – for that character. The costume can really help an actor feel right for his role, whether it is a period show or it takes place in the future. I love this part of the process as it allows me to get into the layers of a character, to really understand them, and then to express myself creatively.

VIP: Is there a wardrobe item that you would like to have a chance to do differently?
VH: I would like a chance to redo the Lucian Alliance from “Subversion” (#118), when they are on their ship and in the pyramid. What Brad Wright had envisioned was a more understated army than I had originally designed, so I feel that the second look – on the Destiny – was more appropriate for Stargate Universe . I was very pleased with the outcome – sort of a SWAT-in-space look.

VIP: What costume are you most proud of?
VH: I would have to say that one of my favorite costumes was
For Adria (played by Morena Baccarin), when she was in Season 10 of SG1 – in “Dominion” (#1019). One of the challenges of being on a series is keeping it fresh, and because Adria was such a complex character, I wanted her costume to be equally so. When I read the script and saw that she was going to be captured by Ba’al, I saw an opportunity to make her even sexier than usual while she was in the cell. But it couldn’t just be the design – I had to make something new. With my cutter, Leslie, I created a new type of leather. By building an overlay of shrunken ribbon and lace onto the leather, even though the costume was predominately black, it had a lot of dimension to it. In the photo above you can see that Ba’als costume is made of laser-cut leather over a brocade fabric, with his Goa’uld tattoo on the back.

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