Edward “Blackbeard” Teach didn’t become the most feared and famous pirate of the high seas by being timid. The fierce mentor of Charles Vane, Blackbeard (played by Ray Stevenson) is heavily armed on land and sea, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering one of his brown-and-gold Queen Anne pistols (pictured above) he carries in the third and fourth seasons of Black Sails. Click here for photos and more information on these prop weapons designed by the Black Sails props department for maximum authenticity – and stake your claim to a real treasure from the Starz epic.



Bees can be deadly, nurturing and, above all, necessary to growth. It’s only fitting that Eleanor Guthrie (played by Hannah New) – who wields great influence in Nassau and can make or break a pirate crew – should wear a bee around her neck in Black Sails. The custom-made necklace and charm (pictured above) is worn on-screen by Eleanor during the fourth season of the Starz pirate epic, and it serves as a reminder that while beautiful, she can also pack a deadly sting. Don’t miss your chance to claim this unique piece of Black Sails bounty by clicking here for more information, photos and to join the bidding today!



Credited as the brains behind Captain Vane’s brawn, Jack Rackham (played by Toby Schmitz) is shrewd and charming – though he often finds himself needing to be bailed out of trouble by his beloved Anne Bonny. Eventually, Rackham shows himself to be a capable pirate captain, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering the long coat (pictured above) he wears on-screen in the pivotal second-season finale. Rackham’s custom-designed coat – one of only two received from the Black Sails production) – is brown, grey and dirty from sailing and battle on the high seas and in Nassau. Click here for photos that show the unique craftsmanship that went into creating this authentic piece of pirate lore, more information about the coat – and to get in on the bidding today!




Black Sails will mark its fourth-season return without Captain Vane (played by Zach McGowan). The former captain of the pirate ship Ranger met the noose, but his death launched a rebellion against England that will undoubtedly play out throughout Black Sails’ fourth and final season. Fans of the Starz pirate epic now have a chance to own Captain Vane’s dagger – an 18-inch black-and-silver weapon with a, 11-in. blade (five inches wide, pictured above) that has been constructed by the Black Sails props department from hard rubber. Don’t miss this chance to claim the preferred weapon of a legendary pirate – and one of the most popular characters on Black Sails. Click here for photos and to get in on the bidding today – this VIP auction is ending soon!


Black Sails Returns January 2017


Black Sails Returns January 2017

Black Sails is one of the most underrated and most recommended shows on air, and you still have time to catch up before the fourth and final season airs in January. It is beautifully filmed and portrays one of the bloodiest eras in maritime history. The series is based on younger versions of the famous fictional characters of Captain Flint, Billy Bones and Long John Silver from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, meshed with the legends of real-life 18th century pirates like Blackbeard, Charles Vane, Anne Bonny, Jack Rackham and others with similar cutthroat nature that made them famous today.

Blastr caught up with the series producers at New York Comic Con to dissect Black Sails appeal, the creative freedom they’re allowed with being on a network like Starz, the evolution of genre television, the show’s feature-quality effects and what the audiences can expect from this last season and the expansive narrative canvas it traverses.

Take a look at this exclusive interview with Jon Steinberg, Dan Shotz and Robert Levine. Black Sails sets sail on its 10-episode final season January 29, 2017.



Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer


The latest trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead is nothing short of gruesome. The Starz show is returning to television in October and it’s looking like Ash and co. haven’t skipped a single beat.

Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless star in this uniquely awesome series; hilarious, bloody, and packed with action.

After the season 1 finale, Ash is headed back to his hometown of Elk Grove. The Deadlite army is rising once again, and of course, Ash seems like the only hope for us all.

With Ash joining forces with Ruby (Lucy Lawless), season 2 is already full of surprises.

And in case you missed any of the prior action, Starz is offering a free trial of their new app.

Designed to be the ultimate fan experience, the STARZ app lets you download full movies and shows and watch them off-line, anytime, anywhere.

Download the free trial here, and catch up Ash vs Dead, Black Sails, Power, and more!

And don’t miss the return of Ash vs Evil Dead this October, only on Starz.


Black Sails Ends On Its Own Terms

Black Sails

(Includes Spoilers) When a show is cancelled there is always uproar from the fans upset that one of their favorite shows is coming to an end, but here’s why the ending of Black Sails isn’t such a bad thing. It’s official Black Sails will conclude after the fourth season. While many fans saw this coming, some fans were surprised by the news. There will be ten more episodes of the series in early 2017, which is indeed bittersweet. But if we examine the facts the ending is more sweetness than bitterness.

First off, Black Sails will be ending on its own terms. A lot of shows are not this fortunate and it allows the Black Sails writers to give the fans a proper ending. Black Sails has taken glorious side trips to the Ranger crew; has taken the time to dive into the intricacies of 1700’s Nassau and pirate politics, but most of all it is an in-depth look at the story of who James Flint is and how John Silver became Long John Silver, the only man Flint ever feared. If we take a look at the narrative, its apparent that this was intentional. The season three finale introduced this element, laying the groundwork for the final ten episodes. By its design as a Treasure Island prequel, black Sails is not sustainable to be a long running show. I’d rather it end then stretch the story out and half unnecessary fluff. Everything about its writing and plotting has been deliberate and thorough: Flint’s past, Silver’s evolution, Vane’s sacrifice, Rackham’s rise. In an era of television series being cancelled before their intended ending, it is good to see Black Sails get their chance to give everyone involved a proper ending to this great adventure.

Secondly, killing Charles Vane in the middle of the show wouldn’t have been right.  Charles Vane is one of the shows most entertaining characters and the most honorable, pure-hearted, authentic pirates of the show. He had a different life path then most of the other characters in the show. He didn’t fall into the life by accident like Silver; he entered it with an agenda like Flint, or with an idea of legacy like Rackham. He was raised outside of civilization and simply wanted to live and die on his own terms. With his death, the show not only lost a great character, but lost on of the major threads of its exploration of what it means to be a pirate and the nature of the pirate lifestyle. It would have been weird having the show go on two or three more seasons without Vane. Now with only one more season we will be able to see the effect of his death has on other characters like Nassau- but the absence of his presence wont stretch out and negatively impact the show.

Lastly, the death toll is rising. Each season more principal characters are dying. Season one saw the early grave for Gates, Season two killed off Miranda and Richard Guthrie, and Season three axed a whopping four major characters: Hornigold, Mr. Scott, Dufresne, and of course Charles Vane. Logically we can expect a bloodbath in the final ten episodes. Black Sails stands out from other shows with its ability to balance action and quiet character development and navigates tragedy without getting grim.

Yes it is sad one of the best television shows on right now is ending, but it will get the ending it deserves, rather than leaving everyone hanging or stretching the story out too long and the writers run out of ideas. I’m glad Black Sails is not becoming a show where people say ““The first few seasons are fantastic…but then it all goes downhill.” The last season should be a proper send off and I look forward to the last season coming out next year.


Black Sails Season 4 Will Be Worth The Wait

Black Sails Season 4

The cast and crew of Black Sails have been hard at work filming season four of the hit pirate drama. Many reports have come out indicating how excited everyone is for the next go around of this show. Toby Stephens even let it leak out that he believes it is worth the wait, and that everyone will love the next chapter in this series.

After an epic season three, which included some of the bloodiest battles, highest seas, and most intricate plot twists, it’s unclear exactly what Starz has in store for the future of this show.
News from the crew is indicating that the show might be getting close to wrapping up on set. It’s been a long, tough shoot, and the crew has had to overcome a handful of issues to make it this close to the finish line.
Black Sails is expected to return to Starz in late January. It will likely be the final season of the show. There are a good amount of strings that need tying up, so we can definitely expect this to be the best season yet. Stay tuned for more Black Sails updates, and get ready for a whole new season next January, only on Starz!


Outlander Season 2 Update

Outlander Season 2
Big news last week for Outlander fans! Many who have followed the book series are dying to meet Brianna, Claire and Jamie’s daughter. In order to build further context for this compelling story, Starz will be taking the whole plot back to the future.

Brianna, played by actress Sophie Skelton, won’t be showing up until late in season 3. Ron Moore told Enstars, “You will get to see her [but] not until we get back to the 1968 story, which won’t be for a while – towards the end of the season.”

Starz has taken their time with season 2, but all reports indicate that it’s going to be well worth it. Outlander is known for its impeccable attention to detail, and that is one of the reasons it has risen up as one of the network’s powerhouse properties. Check out this teaser and be ready for more updates from VIP!




The collection of skulls (pictured above) featured in Da Vinci’s Demons is as impressive as it is grim. Featured on-screen during the third season of the Starz series, various skulls are being made available to fans of the series at VIP Fan Auctions. Multiple sets are available, including two sets of four – each with three resin, one foam – created by the Da Vinci’s Demons props team. A third set of two resin skulls is also listed. For these and other Da Vinci’s Demons swords, spears and armor, click here and get in on the bidding today!