Orphan Black is one of the most imaginative television series of all time and one the few science-fiction masterpieces to be recognized by the Emmy Awards when star Tatiana Maslany was names Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 2016 (she was also nominated in 2015). Of the multiple compelling characters she plays, however, Orphan Black is the story of Sarah Manning as she discovers that she is one of many clones from project Leda. As the series nears its finale, VIP Fan Auctions is offering several of Sarah’s screen-worn costumes, including the brown sweater and sweatshirt she wears in the second-season episode “Governed as It Were by Chance” (click here for additional photos and more information). The site is also offering an outfit Maslany wears in the fourth-season episode “The Antisocialism of Sex,” which includes her jacket, shirt, mittens and hat (click here for photos and more info). VIP is also going back to the beginning of Orphan Black by offering the dress and shoes Sarah wore while impersonating Beth Childs in the series premiere (click here for more). Check out more of Sarah’s screen-worn wardrobe – and all of the available Orphan Black items and get in on the bidding for a piece of this groundbreaking series today!



Project LEDA clone M.K. (aka Veera Suominen; played by Tatiana Maslany) is one of the most mysterious and tragic of Orphan Black’s “sestrahood.” Her backpack as well as the sheep mask she wears in “Collapse of Nature” when she finds Frank and Roxie burying a body in the forest (pictured above) are now being offered to the fan who casts the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. The right ear of the eerie sheep mask has been distressed for use in production – and M.K.’s backpack includes a water bottle and a prop microchip. Don’t miss this chance to claim a piece of Orphan Black – click here for photos and more information, and get in on the bidding today!



The image of Orphan Black’s Helena (Tatiana Maslany) playing with (and eventually swallowing) Pupok the talking scorpion is iconic. The popularity of the scorpion quickly skyrocketed with its own Twitter page, fan following – and apparently, quite an attitude. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering Pupok – the actual prop scorpion used on screen in Orphan Black (and the only one received from production that is still in good condition) – to the fan who casts the winning bid. Do NOT miss your opportunity to claim the authentic Pupok (which means belly button in Ukranian) from one of the most groundbreaking television series of all-time. If you ever become the prisoner of Project Castor, you’ll want Pupok with you. Click here for photos and more information, and join the bidding for this beloved Orphan Black prop today!



Orphan Black’s Cosima Niehaus (played by Tatiana Maslany, of course) is a Northern California girl studying Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology in Minnesota. She’s also one of the best friends a clone could ask for – and one of the most popular members for the Orphan Black “sestrahood.” VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans of the series an opportunity to claim some signature pieces of Cosima’s wardrobe – including her trademark glasses (labeled “Old Cosima” by production) and her fake ID (Cosima’s photo with Ava Jaubowski’s information) used in the fourth-season episode “Human Raw Material.” The Orphan Black auction page also has several of Cosima’s outfits – including the shirt (pictured above), pants and Uggs slippers worn during Season Two; and the purple coat and pants she wears on-screen in the fourth-season episode “From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths”; and Cosima’s traditional Ukranian outfit (shirt, skirt, boots, belt and headpiece) from the third-season premiere. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of the groundbreaking series Orphan Black – click here and get in on the bidding today!



Orphan Black is one of the most ambitious – and flat-out coolest – shows on the airwaves with breakout star Tatiana Maslany dazzling fans and critics by playing multiple roles with multiple personalities as Sarah Manning, et al. Now in its final season, Orphan Black props and wardrobe items are being made available to fans at VIP Fan Auctions. Currently available is Maslany’s production-used wig for fan-favorite Helena (click here for photos and more information), as well as the character’s Brooks Brothers sweater, Under Armour sweatshirt, Joe Fresh pants and Tarantula shoes worn in the fourth-season episode “Transgressive Border Crossing” in which Helena learns she is pregnant with twins (click here to see the outfit). Get in on the bidding for a piece of Orphan Black today – click here to see all of the available auctions!