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Though the series was short-lived on television, The Cape was an ambitious superhero series featuring comic book-reading former detective Vince Faraday. When he is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and presumed dead after an explosion, Faraday dons the persona of his son’s favorite comic book character – The Cape – and sets out to bring the real criminals to justice and clear his name. You can view the entire series at NBC’s “The Cape” website – and you can bid on a screen-used The Cape costume at VIP Fan Auctions. Don’t let this opportunity to own a piece of genre TV history – click here to place your bid (and see more images of the costume and its components) today!




Billionaire philanthropist Peter Fleming has a dark secret – his alter ego, Chess, is responsible for multiple murders and numerous other crimes. He pinned one of those murders on Vince Faraday, ultimately leading the disgraced police officer to become The Cape and set in motion one of TV’s most compelling conflicts. While we don’t advocate any fan following Chess into a life of crime, there is no law against looking like a billion bucks – and one fan of The Cape has an opportunity to not only walk away with a piece of TV history, but a phenomenal suit (pictured above) as well. VIP Fan Auctions has made available a three-piece suit (plus handkerchief) worn on-screen by Fleming  (played by actor James Frain, who fans of True Blood will remember as the vampire Franklin Mott) to the highest bidder. Check out the size and other details at VIP Fan Auctions.



Former cop Vince Faraday wore a superhero uniform to protect his identity and clear his name. While his career as The Cape was cut short (the evil Chess couldn’t stop him, but not generating enough viewers did), the ambitious series will no doubt live on as one of network TV’s silver age of superheroes. The Cape will also live on for the top bidder on a complete costume worn on-screen by actor David Lyons, the star of the series. Just in time for Comic-Con, fans of The Cape must check out the auction to believe it! But place your bid fast – the auction ends May 17.