"You tried to kill me off? Bad idea!"

Howard Gordon, executive producer of “24,” told AssignmentX.com during a Dec. 13 interview that Jack Bauer almost didn’t survive the series’ eight and final season. While cynics scoff at the notion of killing off Bauer with a potential film franchise waiting in the wings, Gordon said he went so far as to write Bauer’s death scene, but didn’t think it would be a proper way to say good-bye. “In the end it felt too depressing,” Gordon told the website. “I think it would have been a really depressing moment… more depressing than surprising. In a strange way, that’s probably the ultimate tragedy and probably the most politically correct ending, but it wasn’t something anybody wanted to commit to. Not just for the reason of the show, but honestly, if we had really felt that was the best ending, we would have all gone for it.” For the record, Gordon says the president would have stepped in to save Bauer, but, tragically, it would have been too late.