Fans of science fiction are amazing – many feel a personal investment in their favorite series and show their support for actors, writers and directors by following their careers, attending conventions, writing blogs and generally serving as unofficial public relations ambassadors for the genre.

Among this fervent fandom, however, is a sub group of enthusiasts who are also fascinated with the technical aspects of television and movies. These are the people we often end up reading about in fan magazines – people who were so obsessed with things like special-effects makeup, costume design, visual effects and – perhaps more than anything – screenwriting.

For those who dream of a career in the writer’s room, VIP Fan Auctions has several shooting scripts from SG-1 currently available to the highest bidders. These scripts offer an opportunity to learn from some of the best writers in the business and experience Stargate from an entirely new perspective.

Chek out the Stargate page at VIP Fan Auctions today for your chance to bid on the following classic SG-1 scripts:

The Tok Ra (season 2)

Shades of Grey (season 3)

Tangent (Season 4)

Ripple Effect (season 9)

Collateral Damage (season 9)

For additional Stargate props and production materials, click here and place your bid today. The auctions end soon!