Kat Graham on The Vampire Diaries

When she’s not being a witch (literally) on “The Vampire Diaries,” Katerina Graham can be found using her (star) powers for good off-screen as well. Graham was among a handful of celebrities who donned an apron for the Los Angeles Mission to dole out Thanksgiving dinners to those in need. The annual event is spearheaded by 94-year-old Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas, but finds no shortage of film and television stars willing to lend their time. “I spent most of my Thanksgivings growing up feeding the homeless and it’s just important, no matter where you are in your life, to give back and really appreciate what you have,” Graham to Voice of America News. In all, the event reportedly shared more than a ton of turkey, 700 pounds of garlic mashed potatoes, 250 gallons of gravy, 800 pounds of mixed vegetables, 300 pounds of cranberry relish, 3,500 dinner rolls and 400 pies.