Vanessa Williams may be a relatively new arrival to Wisteria Lane, but after moving into Edie Britt’s house, she doesn’t want to say good-bye to her neighbors when Desperate Housewives ends this spring. “Hopefully we’ll continue to be friends,” she recently told the World Entertainment News Network (WENN). “I’ve been to Felicity Huffman’s house for game night, and I’ve been to Teri Hatcher’s house the past two years for her annual Halloween party. When you spend a lot of hours with people that you enjoy and work with you become friends and I hope that lasts.” Fans who don’t want to say good-bye to Williams’ character Renee Perry have an opportunity to claim a stylish keepsake from the series – a designer blouse the actress wore on-screen in the seventh-season episode “Down the Block There’s a Riot” (pictured above). It’s a fashion that even Williams’ Ugly Betty fashion editor Wilhelmina Slater would want! Click here for details and photos – and place your bid today.