Eureka is a small town with a big secret – and while you will not be able to find this nerve center of scientific genius on any map, that doesn’t mean it lacks for any idyllic small-town trappings… Plus a few experiments gone awry. Fans who’ve dreamed of visiting Eureka now have an opportunity to own their own piece of the town. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering a treasure trove of Eureka props, including an actual Town of Eureka street banner – featuring the Latin phrase A posse ad esse (from possibility to reality) and Main Street sign (pictured above) straight from the set. Check out all of the amazing items – from Sheriff Jack Carter’s (played by Colin Ferguson) license plates to Henry Deacon’s (played by Joe Morton) memory reader – that are now available at the Eureka page at VIP Fan Auctions – and stake your claim to TV history today!