For all of the amazing stories and effects fans saw on-screen during Stargate Universe, there was also a lot of action off camera. In the exclusive VIP Fan Blog interview excerpt below, Stargate Universe’s costume designer Valerie Halverson shares one of the more memorable behind-the-scenes secrets!

Valerie Halverson: Dr. Rush was left for dead in “Justice” (SGU episode  #110) and we learn he was discovered by aliens. When we come upon him in “Space” (episode #111), he is on another ship and in an alien costume (pictured above). We learn that Chloe is also a prisoner and in the same costume, and as Col. Young arrives on the ship, he is in the same alien suit.

The alien was designed by our production designer, James Robbins, and our visual effects supervisor, Mark Savela. Once that was approved, I had to make the costume. Working with Gord Bellamy of the Model Shop, we came up with the look that you saw on the episode.

The greatest challenge was when Col. Young was using the stones and became an alien. The director, Andy Mikita, wanted to do that in one shot, so I had to devise a way to change Col. Young from his Icarus uniform into an alien without cutting the take. What we had to do in the end was build a full Icarus uniform for Col. Young with Velcro down the back and on the sleeves as he was going to have to hide the bony gauntlets of the alien costume. Two of my team stood behind Col. Young, holding him steady, and as he reacted to the stones we ripped his costume off. Any movement is barely noticeable and his Alien costume was revealed underneath. Quite an accomplishment for all concerned!

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